What is Xmeye?

Xmeye is a cloud computing software that is designed for the users who are using several CCTV systems, you need to enter the serial number, and you are good to go. The benefit of installing the application on your devices is that it is free of cost also free for cloud servers which support a large number of video images.

It is a live video monitoring for IPC and DVR allows users to perform real-time video monitoring on their devices and helps to preview on the device.

It is Android-compatible so that viewers should access the videos or monitor effectively. It supports all types of playbacks, like remote video playback, local recording, video playback. It also supports snapshots and picture searching; you can add local devices also delete and edit options are available too many features are available on the application that is listed on the app section on the App store.

Let’s know – How to use XMeye

The first step is simple. You have to download the application on whichever device you want to use on. Search for ‘xmeye’ in the app store or google store and download it on your Android Smartphone. Then by just keeping the proper settings, the application can be efficiently used.

Open the app and no need to enable the cloud access because it’s enabled by default if it is for some reason no enabled you can manually enable it by following a few steps that are –

  • Open the main menu connect, it to the DVR by using a USB mouse.
  • Right-click on the screen then context menu will pop up login into the app, go to the net service option  you can configure which network service to enable
  • Double click on to the cloud to allow it.

After the settings are done go to ‘my devices’ tab in this all the device list are shown for monitoring purposes when you select your desired device a window will pop up saying ‘connected devices, please wait’ after that window will close automatically, a bit rate type window will open where you can change which stream you prefer either mainstream or extra stream.

But preferred bandwidth is kept in the high-resolution mainstream and additional flow to the cloud for remote view. Now a few steps are remaining that are,

Selection of cameras: Default 9x cameras can be selected

Variety of display: Here you can choose your preferred screen by going to the bottom part of the window

Finally activating the cameras: However, the camera options to choose the required Cam to view either you can select the primary or extra stream.




XMEYE Alternatives?

There are many alternatives for xmeye application here are some of which are useful in ratings:-

  1. vMEyeSuper:– This app has an excellent rating score compared to the eye in terms of features and usabilities like its more user-friendly more precise and easy to use, available on both Android and PCs. It also allows users to manage and view multiple cameras. It is free of cost
  2. At Home Camera (home security):- As the name suggests, its primary use is for home security that not only allows users to be a friendly application. Anybody can use interface, and the structure of the app is natural, download it from the app store for free. Also, it’s available for windows version. It supports face recognition, with push notifications that users receive when the app detects an unknown person, keep an eye on your home from outside just by this monitoring system at a glance.


  1. TeamViewer IP Camera Viewer:- It is an IP camera viewer  that allows viewers to view live feeds from different IP cameras, also can display on same local network server and even over the internet whenever they want to watch , It is made for all the possible cameras and devices, but the only con for this app is that it uses a poor IP camera software. it is a free version


  1. gDMSS Plus:- It is an android remote surveillance system that uses a ‘push function’ which is the primary function, that can be used when individual device support is also enabled. The internet for this should be present in both the device and on your phone. Notifications are triggered only when you subscribe or re-subscribe the application. This is not a free application as it charges 5 dollars in the app store.




Xmeye for PC/Windows/mac:

You can now install and download xmeye on your devices by following methods

This app allows the user to use android apps on pc to start running. Just download and install the app; once installed click my apps in the emulator search for xmeye install xmeye then open it by logging in with google account. By following these steps, xmeye is ready to be used on bluestacks.

  • Using nox player install and download xmeye on your pc: This player is an android emulator which allows android apps to play in pc, here install nox your pc then search for ‘ xmeye ‘ install it on nox after installing play xmeye on your pc.






Xmeye for ios and android:

Xmeye is free for both ios and android; it comes under the utility-tools and has been developed by Hangzhou  XiongMai  Technology Co.ltd.The site is available for users in different languages like German, English, Chinese and many more


Nobody is aware of if there’ll be associate degree intrusion to estates. XMEye should have an app for owners and business managers. By merely employing a device, users will monitor their estate with confidence.


Problems with xmeye:

If the internet speed is slow for both mobile and CCTV, then there will be no coverage or application that may not run smoothly, also If mobile is upgraded the problem may occur the app will not run properly, the app becomes unstable when it is transferred to one mobile to another.