The English language dates back to England of yore, and its vocabulary was influenced by Old Norse from the Germanic languages. French and Latin also influence the English language. English evolved for nearly 2000 years before becoming what it is today. It continues to grow every day.

If you want to learn English, there are many places for English tutoring, both online and off. Nowadays, English tutoring on the internet is more widely used than teaching in person. This fact is because of its convenience and ease. You can have your own schedule and take it from anywhere.


Although vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, idioms and phonology vary, you can still comprehend English in other countries unless there are major differences. This is because it is vast and English words in one country often influence English in another country. The overlap is profuse and can help you wherever you may travel.

Old English

This is the term for earlier forms of spoken and written English. Old English is composed of dialects taken by the Anglo Saxons into Great Britain around 400 AD. The Norman conquest began in the 11th century in England, and English became widespread. Old French was a language which Middle English was derived from.

Modern English

The Early forms of Modern English became apparent in the 1400s. Modern English was to be found everywhere due to the influence of the United States and the British Empire in the 1600s. Some changes were applied to the language until around 1700, influencing modern English. There were tons of printed media everywhere. Because of the internet, English has become the language used in many professions.

English is the native language of most of the people residing in the US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand. It is used everywhere in South Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. English is one of the official languages of the EU (European Union) as well as the UN (United Nations).

English is the most-spoken language on Earth. It is one of the mandated languages or the official language in almost 60 countries. It is the second most widely learned language around the globe, after Spanish. It is understood and spoken by millions all around the world. You won’t have trouble finding people who know how to speak it—wherever you are.

It is not an easy language to learn, especially for a second language, but it is quite necessary to know how to speak English in today’s society. Several companies offer English tutoring online and off. Because it is the number one language in today’s world, there are dozens of companies that can help you perfect the language for beginners and intermediate levels. Some cater to children as well. Do a simple search online, and you will find many places where you can learn English. If you prefer to find a tutor offline, you can do so by looking them up on the internet.