Transferring colleges is never easy, but there is some information that can be very helpful to you if you are looking to transfer colleges.

Everyone’s journey to a successful college transfer is different. It depends on a lot of different factors and of course also depends on you.

Despite that, here are some things that you should absolutely know!

Transfer admissions aren’t necessarily more competitive

The acceptance rate for transfer students back in the fall of 2017 was 62 percent. That is compared to 65 percent of first-time freshman. While first-time freshman did enjoy a higher success rate, the difference is low enough that you should feel you have a great chance at acceptance.

If you are looking to increase your chances, consider earning an associate degree before applying.

Some colleges actually seek transfers

Of course any college technically accepts transfer students, but you may have a better chance getting your transfer application accepted at some schools over others. Transferring to other universities such as NYU transfer, may be much more difficult, or much easier than transferring to a school of similar prestige with the exact same application. It’s all about how a school feels about transfer students.

No matter the school, it seems to get betting more popular. According to a poll conduction by Inside Higher Ed and Gallup, the number of respondents who said their college would make a great effort to accept transfers went up by eight percent from 2018 to 2019.

It’s important to know what schools are looking for

If you want to enjoy a successful attempt to transfer colleges, you should make sure to know exactly what the schools you are looking to apply to want to see. Rather than worry about your standardized test scores, you should especially focus on your current classes and grades. Schools want to see that you are keeping you studies up and making it a priority before they accept you into their school.

Mapping out a plan is a good idea

Remember how stressful and time consuming applying to colleges in the first place was? Now, imagine that same level of work on top of your current schoolwork. That’s the kind of experience you can expect when you begin your applications to transfer schools. That’s why it is helpful to plan and map out as much as you can beforehand.

Start finding schools and degrees that appeal to you. Then start learning about what it takes to apply and get accepted there. After that, it’s all about setting realistic and achievable goals so that you can hit your deadline of application and acceptance.

Look out for scholarships

Just because you are a transfer student doesn’t mean you won’t be able to take out a scholarship if you want to. Some of the best scholarships available to transfer students are the ones that are specifically targeting those who are looking to move from a community college to a four-year university. If you fall under that umbrella, it is certainly looking for ways to reduce your yearly expenses while pursuing a higher education.