Yes, of course, it’s been stated by Missouri University of Science and Technology that a visitor takes less than 20 seconds to judge and resolve your brand.

Now, it’s been straight cut point that web design has an impact on your online brand reputation which can lead to ensure visitor to buy your product/service instead of searching and moving to your competitors.

When your website visitors has fewer than two-tenths of a second to get an impression on your website, why don’t you optimize your business website with compelling needs?

Do visitors look for good content or catchy eye design over a website?

To research, 94% of visitors commented about the web designing elements, other 6% mentioned about content over the website in the first stretch. This might be related to some specific industry sites, but still content plays a vital role in converting visitors to trusted clients.

Let’s know some aspects of web design which impact in building an online brand.

User Experience

The design of a website has a significant impact on the experience of your website, as branding is all about giving the best user experience. It’s suggested to include modern web designing trends to your sites like Responsive designs, Eye-catchy images, Standards – big, bold fonts, and much more to include with multimedia.

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Possibly easy and quick navigation over a website can build a good impression with visitors and can lead to having a higher conversion. Comfortable and familiar navigation styles can allow your visitors to learn the information that they are looking for: Dropdown and Breadcrumbs are two popular navigation styles.

 Loading speed

Load time of a website is one of the ranking factors of Google. It refers to how long a visitor wait for a page/website to display on their device. More than 83% of visitors expect a web page to load in 3 seconds, and more than 40% of visitors leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Low loading speed, kill conversions.

So we know how to reduce loading time :

Optimize image sizes

Enable browser cache

Minify Javascript Use Html and CSS frameworks

Avoid redirecting web pages

Use CDN – access near a geographical server


While Logo might not be considered as an element of web design but a perfect representation of the logo with the vision and mission of the business website can affect branding.

 Most of the website layouts, textures, and designs can depend on the frame of the LOGO. So, a relevant logo can make a huge difference.

Eye-catchy images

A picture speaks more than a thousand words; most visitors are attracted to visuals more than content on the website. Make use of visual elements on your website that can impact well for visitors. Make sure to Optimize the images which you use for better loading of the site.

Include Social Share and Follow Buttons

Track the incoming traffic through social media with the help of social share and Follow buttons added to your website. Currently, if your website lacks in adding social buttons, then you could be missing primary traffic source from your website to brands’ social media.

Integrate Call to Action Buttons

Guide your visitors with the right path on your website, Call-to-actions are the significant elements where you indicate your visitors next action. Use Call-to-action for goal conversions on your site. These buttons can vary in size and style but can lay the path to your goal conversion.

Content matters

Once all the designing aspects been resolved, the next step is of content to rule. If the content is not engaging, it will drive away customers. The more user stay on the website – the better it will get for you.

 Digital Marketing. Optimized content on the site can place you on top of the search engines. A professional website design agency will optimize elements in terms of speed, navigation, and design, then contact your designer to take care of the aspects mentioned to have better branding.

 Wrap Up

Your website can make more noise than your business. Visitors get an impression on your business by just visiting your site. So, make sure your website is well represented and you are being happy for what has been showcased online.