Holy experiential! Samsung is bringing forth the much needed innovation that brick and mortar stores need to function in the diminishing retail industry. In NYC at Samsung 837, guests have the opportunity to experience art and fashion in a futuristic style. VR experiences at Samsung 837 brings consumers into the store to fully experience and even educate them on their portfolio of all gadgets.

Events at 837 allow guests to test VR experiences with products such as Samsung’s new Infinitely immersive VR which uses the Samsung 360 camera, Gear VR Headset, and Galaxy S8+. New Yorkers are having fun choosing different scenarios and learning how to “capture, share, and relive any experience.” Here are some upcoming events you might want to pencil in on your calendar:

November 14: Create your own story through journalism

November 28: Real Estate, Shopping & Live Sports

December 5: Art, Music, Travel & Meditation

December 12: Animation, Movies & TV

With Samsung’s Halloween Thrills 360° the Halloween-obsessed had the opportunity to celebrate all 31 days in October. Every day at 11 am, Samsung experimentalists can use Samsung’s VR technology and go into a world of their favorite scary movies including the new horror, “It.”  How does this compare to other virtual experiences? The Haunted VR takes guests inside the mysterious, intriguing, haunted building of 837’s Main VR Stage, transforming this experience to a whole new level of terror.

Ever wonder what it was like to be a member of the Titanic, and survive? Guests had the chance to experience the emotional, frightening, and harrowing evacuation feeling with Samsung’s VR technology. The Titanic virtual reality experience consisted of: stepping onto a lifeboat, have flash back to dreams of those who were on board the Titanic, and relive first-hand the final moments of the “unsinkable ocean liner.”

Samsung Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality isn’t the only new, exciting, high-tech gadget Samsung offers. Samsung 837 alters the traditional kitchen experience, as well. Looking through the fridge for the perfect snack just got a whole lot better. Introducing The Kitchen Connection, Samsung’s award-winning refrigerator that not only stores the foods guests love, but brings together family and keeps them connected. Samsung 837 holds workshops where customers learn how to share messages and shopping lists, listen to music and stream TV shows with the help of Samsung’s Family Hub. Food, family, and staying connected just took a 360, and created a recipe for success that will have Samsung customers craving more.

New to the Samsung world? Don’t worry, with 1:1 Personal Training at Samsung 837, visitors become experts. Whether going to the gym, taking breathtaking photos, or staying connected with friends and family is a daily routine, Samsung’s 1:1 Personal Training has it all. Their knowledgeable trainers will have new users learning the ins and outs of their phone within one hour.

Samsung 837 brings customers off their couch and back into the retail store. A virtual reality experience of Samsung’s gadgets is an authentic engagement where clients get to experience them hand-on, rather than simply seeing them online. And with Samsung 837’s concept, a reinvention of the shopping experience through collaboration with new technology and traditional retail shopping is like never before.