The ration card is one of the most important documents all families should apply for. They are used for important transactions and application processes. Throughout the country, the Indian Government has various schemes they give out by associating them with a ​ration card​. The central Government can’t keep a check on each state so various state-level schemes are also implemented through these cards. Overall, the concept is the same throughout the country, with small differences across the various states.

When does somebody apply for a ration card?

Unlike most documents, ration cards are not handled on an individual level and are applied for by families or households. This implies that each house can only have one. All the people under one household should be added to the same card since schemes relating to grain and food are handed out accordingly. Ration cards gather information about the income of the family and the number of people in the household to make the entire process that much easier.

If an individual is leaving the house to get their own, moving to another state or becoming a part of a different family (in the case of marriages), the circumstances of the ration card change. If the person is getting their own house or moving out, they need to have their name removed from their current families ration cards, additionally, they have to apply for their own as well. However, if they are joining another family or getting married, they can be added to the current ration card of that house.

Not following any of these processes can result in having multiple ration cards which are illegal. Households are not allowed to have more than one ration card or apply for more than their needed amount of grain.

How does an individual apply for a ration card?

There are multiple processes this can be done through, however, the most significant, convenient, and fastest being the online website. The online platform is the best at handling this since it has all the information an applicant could need, including the right application forms and list of documents.

Additionally, the ​ration card website​ even handles the backend processing of the documents and coordinates between the ration card office and the people applying for their ration cards.

If this were to be handled individually, it would take a lot more time and the coordination process would be tougher. It would also need multiple trips to the ration card office and collaboration with the various officers to get all the documents processed. Since the people working for the website handle this regularly, they already know the working of the system and can always assist along the way. Additionally, if any questions need to be cleared during the process, the best place to get the answers is through the FAQ section on the website since all details have been published there. There is also a contact form they can go through if they need to talk to someone about information not available on the website.