One of the largest queries on all marketers’ minds in 2018 was, “How will we get a lot of Facebook engagement for our brand?” With this guide, we tend to aim to assist you to unlock that answer with knowledge insights from one amongst our most vital Facebook knowledge studies nonetheless. They want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook support number.


As you recognize, at BuzzSumo we tend to love discovering insights from huge knowledge. This year we’ve determined once more to dig deep into the king of social networks, Facebook, and see what insights we tend today gather to assist businesses similar to yours.

We checked out 777 Million Facebook posts to seek out the foremost partaking pages, brands, and videos for 2018.

Facebook continues to reach the drop across the board for businesses. Most are yell to unlock the “secrets” to palm content on Facebook. Study when a study has proved that one amongst the foremost important factors in Facebook’s ranking algorithmic program is engagement.

If your Facebook posts get a lot of engagement, they’re attending to be a lot of extremely favored within the algorithmic program, thereby increasing your reach. inflated organic reach means that you have got to pay fewer ad bucks to succeed in your target market.

So however are you able to craft posts that generate engagement?

In this article, we’ll reveal our findings then provide you with some unjust steps to collect insights specific to your business.

You’ll learn:


  • Facebook post.of the best kind

  • The best time to create a post on Facebook.

  • The best day to create a post on Facebook.

  • Facebook video with the optimal video length

  • Mostly a common reaction to Facebook videos.

  • What motivates folks to interact with Facebook posts.

  • The most partaking Facebook pages of the year.

  • How to analyze Facebook posts for your business and competitors.

Key Findings: General Post Insights

Below you’ll realize the highlights of our knowledge analysis. every section is countermined by a number of the foremost necessary queries marketers are asking concerning Facebook engagement.


Remember that what works for the bulk of posts could be a helpful place to begin, however, there’s no substitute for testing and activity your own results.


Over the years, we’ve learned that the simplest thanks to reaching our audiences on Facebook are to review the information, experiment perpetually, be hospitable learning, and take a growth mental attitude.

What kind of Post Gets the foremost Facebook Engagement?

As with previous years, the foremost partaking kind of Facebook post in 2018 is video. It’s not even an in-depth decision — video dominates supported average engagement rate.

Video dominance isn’t shocking, says Jenn hero, triumph Instagram blogger at Jenn’s Trends.

“At the start of 2018, Facebook proclaimed they needed to specialize in ‘meaningful interactions.’ And the video, once viewed for any important length of your time, is taken into account to be purposeful.


“It means that somebody has stopped what they were otherwise doing to observe that piece of content. It’s deliberate and intentional. And it always ends up in comments and/or shares with others – thereby adding to the amount of significance. So, it’s not shocking that video continues to induce higher engagement over different post sorts.”

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You can look to engagement clearly below. Average Facebook engagement by post sort

Video posts get a minimum of fifty-nine a lot of engagement than different post sorts. though photos are wide accepted by marketers to be one amongst the foremost palmy post sorts, video outperformed photos by seventy-three.


It’s clear that if you would like the best potential Facebook engagement, you ought to be financed in video content. we’ll speak in additional depth concerning video later during this article. (You will skip to that straight away if you’d like).


If you’re overpowered by the thought of making a video for Facebook, it’s sensible to recollect that engagement is that the goal, not essentially amount. Facebook selling knowledgeable, makes a powerful case for thinking on multiple levels concerning engagement.


“Rather than increasing the amount of your Facebook posts to do and obtain a lot of reach and engagement,” Mari says. “Instead, publish fewer posts and specialize in the ROI of every individual post. My counseled content short quantitative relation for 2019 is seventieth video posts, 2 hundredth image posts, and 100 percent link posts. Video and image posts will still embrace links and CTAs.”


Recommendation for post frequency for Facebook Engagement “Plus, detain mind that each one engagement doesn’t ought to be public,” Mari says. “Integrate a courier chatbot on your Facebook page and encourage your audience to message you on each Facebook and Instagram in organic and paid posts. It takes seven to 13+ touches to come up with a viable sales lead, therefore let your machine-controlled electronic communication beware of many of these touches for you.”

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