Local real estate agents share a common struggle; competing with big industry players. These big companies have supersized budgets for their marketing, but they also have enough staff to handle all sorts of clients in the market.

How exactly do you get a competitive edge over your business rivals?

Fortunately, in the real estate field, you can easily stand out no matter the size of your operations. You can establish yourself as a reliable partner by connecting with your prospects and clients by delivering personalized experiences through your marketing efforts.

Building trust with prospects makes all the difference because real estate is built on selling those personalized experiences. We have compiled seven practical marketing tips for real estate agents looking to up their game.

1. Pick A Real Estate Farm

A real estate farm offers you an advantage in marketing known as economies of scale. The principle shows that you incur less cost by working on a thin slice of the market.

For instance, when you buy postcards showing that you are a ‘Riverside Real Estate Specialist,’ you can save on repeat design costs by buying in bulk since you do not have to print in smaller batches to adjust the area’s name.

The more times you market your brand to a specific market within a local community, the higher the chances of people noticing you.

2. Send Postcards To Your Farm

While digital marketing platforms may be working to prove that mail marketing is dead, the reality in real estate marketing is far from that. Prospective clients are more likely to read a postcard that arrives in their mail than they are likely to open an email lost in the assortment of ads they are emailed daily.

Prepare informative postcards and mail them to your list at consistent intervals, but don’t overdo them since you don’t want to spam them.

3. Establish a Good Relationship With Vendors

Fostering a good relationship with vendors in your area is a great marketing tip that can give you an edge over your competition. These are the people that will help you find new buyers or listings.

For instance, a house painter is more likely to know before anyone that a particular homeowner is getting their home prepared for selling. A mortgage lady may also have some realtors that she would prefer to recommend to her clients.

Foster a harmonious working relationship with such networks, and you might just set out on fruitful co-branded partnerships.

4. Learn Your Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to strategies designed to rank your website highly on search engines like Google and Bing.

To optimize your web copy with keywords often used by internet users in your locality when searching for specific products and services. SEO-optimized content will end up on the first page of Google on user searches and is more likely to be read by prospectives.

After all, no one ever goes to the second page on Google, right? If you want to reach your target market with content posted online, you should ensure that you use local SEO well.

5. Communicate Via Text With Leads

Getting leads is one thing but responding quickly is what raises your chances of closing a deal.

SMS marketing will offer you a fast and reliable platform to communicate with your prospectives. Use texts to deliver any requested listing information fast and efficiently, send Google Maps, booking links, etc.

You can equally use automated messages to follow up with any communication that leads had requested.

6. Create Or Update Your Website

Even after connecting with a lead in person, there is a high probability that they will look you up after. If your website is unappealing and the content doesn’t give them what they’re looking for, they’ll quickly get thrown off.

Create a website with good-quality photos and videos. Invest in virtual house tours and post them on a site. Make your site information so that your leads can learn something from your website.

7. Publish Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

Nothing sells your brand like testimonials from people you have served before, especially by word of mouth. If you have focused your brand on a specific area, your leads might even identify some of the people making testimonials or their houses.

Always request satisfied clients to review you and post testimonials on your site.

Put These Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents Into Action

There is no doubt that the real estate market is quite challenging, especially when battling out against more prominent brands with larger budgets. However, the industry’s beauty is that a few tips can drive up your brand awareness and get you to rise above your competition.

Follow these seven tips, and you’ll find it a lot more efficient and easier to build your brand even when on a budget.