It’s no surprise why a lot of homes are now switching to LED lighting. With global warming on everyone’s agenda nowadays, people are shifting to eco-friendlier alternatives.

They say that you if you want to change the world, you have to start at home and you have to start within yourself. That said, more and more people are gearing towards a more sustainable lifestyle to reduce their carbon footprint.

With the largest rainforest and the lungs of the world on fire for almost three weeks now, people should start looking into a complete change of lifestyle. From the food we eat to the single-use plastic we throw daily, and the type of lighting we use at home, everything contributes to global warming.

That said, the easiest way to kick start a sustainable lifestyle is to change your home lighting to LED lighting. Here are the top 5 LED lighting benefits that’ll make you make the switch right away.

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1.      More energy efficient

If energy efficiency is the top reason for making the switch, consider it an extremely brilliant decision. Incandescent light bulbs use 60 watts of electricity, while compact fluorescents (CFLs) use around 13 to 15 watts.

On the other hand, LED light bulbs only use about 6 to 8 watts on average. So imagine the drop in your utility bills once you make the switch!

2.      Have better color rendering index

Color rendering index (CRI) is the measurement of a light source’s ability, for instance, a led filament bulb, to show an object’s real color. This is called “color rendering.” The higher the CRI, the better. LED light bulbs have a CRI between 80 and 95 on average. This number is typically higher than other types of light bulbs, with 100 being the highest.

3.      Creates a cooler environment

Do you ever wonder why homes with incandescent lights, especially when they’re turned on all the time, are generally hotter? That has something to do with the energy that these incandescent lights produce.

For instance, incandescent lights convert 90 percent of its energy into heat. So only 10 percent is used for lighting. On the flip side, LED lighting converts 80 percent of its energy into light. That means, only 20 percent of its energy is turned into heat. Therefore, there’s not much heat in the atmosphere allowing a cooler environment.

4.      Has longer lifespan

Incandescent light bulbs have a life span of about 1,200 hours, while CFLs have a longer lifespan, around 8,000 hours. LED light bulbs have a relatively long life span with a whopping 50,000 hours!

5.      Environmentally safe

LED light bulbs are, by far, the safest among all types of light bulbs. First and foremost, it doesn’t contain toxic mercury, unlike CFLs. Plus, it also has lower sulfur oxide and CO2 emissions. Thirty bulbs in a year only emit around 451 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions!

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Final Thoughts

With the alarming rate of environmental issues circulating the net, it’s high time we switch to LED lighting. Do it now before we wreak more havoc on the environment.