While most gamblers play for fun, others will try to outsmart the casino and turn the odds in their favour by using gambling bots. In a land-based casino, this rarely works because players using bots can easily be detected, however, in online casinos it is easier to get away with it.

In this article, we are discussing how bots work with Daniel Bennet, a Canadian iGaming expert. Daniel knows the online gaming business inside and out, and you can read more about him here.

What is a gambling bot?

Gambling bots are used to place bets instead of the player in a speedy and systematic way. The software – which is called the bot – is using the online casinos API (application programming interface) to place bets depending on the strategy or system that was programmed into it.

Gambling bots are shaping the future of online gambling in Canada as more and more people are using these bots.

Gambling bots can be used for a variety of games from roulette to poker. In games, like poker when players play against each other, a bot would give an unfair advantage to the player who is using it as it can calculate odds and probability quicker than any human. For this reason, generally, professional gamblers don’t like bots.

Of course, in poker, there is a human element. Emotions take a large part of the game and there is of course bluffing, which would give the humans the edge. However, there have been significant changes in artificial intelligence in the last few years so bots are now competing successfully against humans on that front too.

Roulette bot

A roulette bot will only work in an online casino. If you are looking for free slots Canada that check out the above link before you decide to sign up.

On the internet, you can find websites where you can sign up to use a roulette bot. An online casino bot is a software that is designed to beat the casino. Once you created your account you will need to complete some settings.

The first step is to pick your strategy. In roulette, there are a number of strategies made by mathematicians and statisticians. The best-known ones are the Martingale system and the Fibonacci sequence. The next step is to place your bet and decide how much money to wager. After that, you select a compatible online casino, start the game and let the bot do the rest.

Poker bot

Poker is a game that requires skills (unlike roulette and other games of chance) and lots of practice. Gamblers can also win a lot of money with poker from other players and to raise their odds some online gamblers use poker bots. This casino bot is usually used by those who otherwise couldn’t win against professional poker players.

Poker bots are standalone programs that you can run alongside the client that you are running. They make observations on previously played hands and use mathematics to try to beat humans. Some poker sites or online casinos permit you to use a bot, while others won’t. Some players go around the rules though and they might run the poker bot on an entirely separate computer so the poker site cannot possibly detect it.

In recent history, there have been high profile cases when people won millions of dollars and they were suspected to be using bots. Poker tournaments generally ban the use of bots as it is simply unfair towards other players.

Blackjack bot

There are a number of blackjack bots you can download for free or purchase. These bots will use the perfect blackjack strategy in a speedy matter and make bets for you once the program is on and you started the blackjack game.

Blackjack bots are often used for exploiting free bonuses with strict wagering requirements. The bot can play let’s say a thousand games for you with your free bonus money and you might end up with some money left after a thousand games have been played.


Online gambling bots are designed to beat humans or the casino. They can be used just to place bets for you in a systematic and fast way or they can be complicated software using AI. Some casinos allow bots while others don’t and will refuse to pay out your winnings if detected.