As everybody knows, October is the month where fall truly begins, but it is also the month of Halloween. Every year people go out in a variety of costumes, from fabulous to frightening, all for the fun of the holiday. While some of the most popular costumes are characters from movies, comic books, cartoons, or classic monsters, from time to time we tend to have trouble finding the right prop or  adding something flashier to our costumes. Well, for anyone who needs help, here are three types of technology you can use for Halloween.

First: Rave Rebel Cat Ears


With some of the best Halloween parties taking place in clubs and bars, it’s important to have an accessory that can go great on the dance floor and light it up at the same time. Also, what if you want to keep it around after Halloween is over? This is where the tech-accessory, light-up cat ears can help you. Cat ear accessories have become very popular amongst the public and are being sold in major stores such as AmazonClaire’s and their Icing division. Recently, their popularity only increased as popstar, Ariana Grande, made them part of her Honeymoon Tour. Amazing! If you’re not interested in major retailer’s or you prefer different kinds of light-up cat ears, there’s an entire collection by Rave Rebel. Rave Rebel cat ears are designed with LED lights and come in a variety of styles that go great with almost any cute or flashy costume. However, if you’re interested in light-up ears with a more realistic touch, the Lumi Shop not only has similar LED ears, but they have faux fur ears as well. With these ears you will truly be able to not only light up a party on Halloween, but they can be used for concerts, clubbing nights, and other parties as well.

Second: Glowy Zoey LED Stick Figure Costume

Pink Kid’s LED Stick Figure Costume

However, if you’re more interested in a costume that will light up Halloween as opposed to just one accessory, Glowy Zoey stickman suits will be able to help. Originally, the concept started when the founder, Royce Hutain, made an LED suit snowboarding but decided he wanted to make a Halloween costume for his daughter Zoey. After making the costume he recorded a video of it in 2013. The video went viral and a business was born. Currently, Glowy Zoey creates stick-figure suits in a variety of colors and sizes, which is complementary for people of all ages. If you want to your children to be visible and look awesome while they’re trick-or-treating at night, this is the costume for them. At the same time, they’re perfect and fun for adults to go out with friends on Halloween night.

Third: Digital Dudz T-Shirt

Then there are people who don’t have the time or money to buy or make certain costumes, yet still want to do something for Halloween. There is still some good news everyone, because the people behind morphsuits have created a solution for anyone who needs a quick costume. While the company behind the famous bodysuits does make suits for every Halloween, they are now offering a tech-based costume for a creepy effect, known as Digital Dudz. With Digital Dudz, you can have the illusion of an eye watching a crowd or a human heart literally beating outside of your chest. All you need to do is download the app for your phone and then insert the phone into the shirt to display the effect. It’s a great way to get scary without a mask or other excess items. Regardless of what you’re going to be this year, there’s no doubt that these gadgets will be a big help for almost everyone this Halloween.