If you are planning to relocate your business to New York City, you might be stressing out about what lies ahead for yourself and your employees. Moving is never fun, whether it’s a residential move or a business move. It can involve weeks of de-cluttering, packing, making arrangements with service providers, and preparing for moving day.

Once the move is complete is when the fun starts. After all, you are likely relocating into a new workspace that is bigger, brighter, cleaner, and better than your current business premises. Upsizing has lots of benefits, but the moving part can be stressful. The good news is there are many things you can do to make your move to the nation’s largest city easier when you are prepared to embrace today’s technology.

So, with your laptop or Smart-Phone to hand, check out these seven tips for how technology can make your move to NYC easier:

1. Use the internet to find the best moving company in New York City

Hiring one of the best NYC moving companies is the most important things you can do to ensure your move goes smoothly. All thanks to the internet, you can now conveniently compare the services and prices of dozens of movers in your area without leaving the office. You will also be able to look up reviews from a moving company’s previous customers online and download mobile apps like Unpakt that allows you to compare moving quotes from your Smart-Phone instantly.

2. Organize moving boxes digitally

If your business has hundreds of boxes to move — with a wide assortment of different items in each one, from merchandise to paperwork to computers — apps like Moving Van can be a great help. With Moving Van, you can quickly identify the contents and current location of each box. You can use your Smart-Phone to take photographs of each box’s contents and assign unique numbers to each one. Knowing what’s in each box on arrival at your new business premises will make it easier to prioritize which boxes to unpack first.

3. Hire a remote personal moving assistant

With an app like Moved, you gain access to a personal moving concierge. A real person on the other side of the app can help you with all aspects of your move, from obtaining quotes to coordinating the schedule and logistics of relocating your business. Services include elevator reservations, getting the best prices on packing suppliers, disposal of old furniture, sourcing affordable storage units, mail forwarding, and more.

4. Plan the office layout before you move in

With an app like BuildApp Pro, you can create a 3D virtual layout of every room in your new business property. You can add unique furniture and see how different color schemes renovate a space. Meanwhile, with an app like MagicPlan, you can scan a room with your Smart-Phone and within 30 seconds have floor plans to help you plan for different interior designs and layouts ahead of moving day.

5. Keep track of everything being moved with Sortly

Sortly has two different apps, one for homeowners and one for businesses. With the app, you can generate moving checklists to hand to NYC moving company and photograph all items in your offices. These photos will help movers to know which rooms to place pieces of office furniture at your new location. You can also use the app to create lists of business belongings for insurance purposes by inputting each item’s value.

6. Install the Letgo App

Letgo is a popular app for buying and selling goods in the local area. During a move, the fewer items your business has to move, the cheaper the move will be. So, it’s essential to sell any unneeded items before your relocation. The app makes it easy to sell items to local buyers, and many people say it more trustworthy than sites like craigslist. The app can also help you source cheap packing materials.

7. Hire NYC movers that understand technology

When it comes to using technology to help make your move easier, it isn’t just about apps – you should also seriously consider hiring NYC moving company that embraces the latest tech. Unfortunately, some companies advertise themselves as tech-savvy but fail to offer the best price estimations. With the latest software and technology, a moving company should be able to provide customers with guaranteed project estimates and timescales. While tech-savvy moving companies in New York City won’t necessarily be cheaper, your moving costs will be more predictable.

As previously mentioned, moving can be very stressful, but the rewards can be worth it. By utilizing technology, you can ensure your move to NYC is as easy and stress-free as possible. Remember, companies are developing new apps all the time, so be sure to update yourself with the latest technological developments in the moving industry.