The Museum of Feelings had its grand debut last week and TechStyle NYC had the chance to get an exclusive look. This unique museum is the first of its kind to react to human emotion and then turn it into art. While walking through the unparalleled labyrinth, each installation invites emotional interaction to the five senses.

When roaming from room to room in the museum, you’re invited to touch, smell, imagine and breathe, gradually morphing yourself from a participant to an artist. Besides having many technology based installations within the museum, the exterior changes color to reflect the mood of the city by using social media and real-time data. Amongst it’s opening, the museum also showcased many pieces from CHROMAT, a fashion brand that is both technology based and inspired.

Creator and designer, Becca McCharen, is progressive with using her background in urban design and architecture to create structural experiments on the human body. As a modest powerhouse, she IS the mother and future of fashion technology. We had a chance to speak with Becca at the event to talk about how she is paving the way for designers in the fashion and tech industry.


If you could use three words to describe CHROMAT, what would they be?

Architectural, innovative, empowering


How is CHROMAT redefining fashion for all?

When casting for the runway, we strive to highlight beautiful women with different bodies, sizes, gender spectrums and much more. Diversity is incredible and inspiring to our brand. CHROMAT babes come from all different backgrounds and there’s so many different looks that should be represented on the catwalk.


How has biomimicry influenced your concepts of fashion design?

Biomimicry is huge for us, especially with our technology infused designs. The adrenaline dress is designed with 3-D printed panels that respond to the body’s chemistry by using the Intel® CurieTM Module. When the wearer’s heart beat speeds up and their senses heighten (think of an adrenaline rush), the garment reacts by kicking into fight-or-flight mode, expanding the carbon-fiber structure.


Besides biomimicry, what else inspires your designs?

Architecture and urban design for sure. My background is in architecture and my interest in scaffolding definitely influences our designs.


Where do you see the future of fashion and technology?

I’m really interested in wearable technology. I think it will become part of our everyday life. I’m in love combining fashion with technology. We can create fashion that could adapt to our environment.


How do you think the accessibility of 3D printers are going to revolutionize the fashion world?

In a few years we will be able to download clothing like we’re able to download music. I see fashion being fully accessible. The idea of making clothes to fit you and having clothing made to fit each individual is very exciting.


How has being Bushwick resident, a hub for basically everything art, influenced your brand?

By living in Bushwhack you’re surrounded by so many amazing and talented people. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with electrical engineers to latex designers for CHROMAT. Being in Brooklyn has given me the opportunity to help expand the ideas for my brand.