MOT tests​ are annual examinations vehicle owners have to go through to be allowed to keep their cars on the roads. These are handled to keep the roads safe, vehicles in good condition, and reduce the overall pollution caused by them. These have to be handled by all vehicles more than three years old in the UK. The mandatory tests brag about keeping the streets safe by reducing the number of accidents caused due to human error. They additionally created a series of smaller checks to review vehicles which would accordingly either clear or fail the tests. Vehicles that did not get through the test had to come back on another day, after making the required changes, get their certificate allowing them to ply on the streets accordingly.

The initial MOT test.

The MOT test is an age-old one that has worked on vehicles for a long time. Vehicle owners go through the test and get their vehicles back without spending too much time. Almost all vehicles that went through it found that they cleared it without too much trouble. This was not ideal since a lot of the newer features that vehicles came with were not tested, and there were no inspections to account for them.

This lead to a lot of people feeling that the test needed to be scrapped. In response to this petition, the DOT mentioned making changes to the test so that they accounted for the smaller aspects of the vehicle. This was a move that not many saw coming and the first year under the new system saw more than 10 million cars fail their MOT tests.

The new system.

With all the changes made to the ​MOT system, newer vehicles found that there was a lot more to the tests than just showing up. Even features that did not exist on previous cars, were checked on newer models. Vehicles purchased with day time running lights had to make sure they worked at the time of the test. Additionally, all the indicators on the dashboard had to be functional otherwise the car was graded poorly.

The other tests were the threading on the tires, the pressure of the wheels, and making sure the brakes were working accurately. If the car didn’t stop properly at the time the brakes were hit, it would not fare too well. The steering wheel should also be aligned so that the vehicle drives in a straight line, otherwise, it could be an issue.

All the lights on the back of the car have to be working as well, from brakes, to hazard lights, to reverse lights and everything else. If a vehicle was not manufactured with those specific lights, they would be able to pass through that specific test, otherwise, have to make sure all the lights are working. The car will also be tested thoroughly for the fumes and exhaust that it gives out which is a major requirement for clearing the MOT test.