If you plan to upgrade your internet connection to a reliable and fast network, the National Broadband Network (NBN) is the best option you have. NBN is available via various international and local service providers such as Vodafone, Tangerine, and Harbour ISP. This handy guide will help you understand the things to consider before you zero in on a service provider.

  •  Technology

NBN is available to your premises via fibre optic cable, through the existing copper cable line, or pay-TV cable network. You don’t have a choice in the way you receive NBN because it largely depends on your area. Depending on these connection types, the speed of your connection will vary. There are also wireless and satellite connection option for remote areas and rural regions.

For Sky Muster satellite connections, try to get in touch with local providers as big-name providers might not provide such good value.

  •  Speed Plans

Ask the service provider for the various available speed plans. Although wireless and satellite connection will have its own limitations, it is recommended to always select a speed that is suitable for your requirement. Of course, as a rule of thumb, the maximum speed of the network the lesser it will suffer from congestion.

  •  Data Packs and Unlimited Plans

Most service providers now offer unlimited plans on wired and wireless connections except satellite. But if your use is going to be limited, talk to them about fixed data packs that can cost you less than the average unlimited data plans. Also, if you have a small or large family of internet users, limited data might not work since there is no way to track and limit every member.

  • Research

Your current broadband service provider might offer you a switch to an NBN connection and you might gladly take it. But it is recommended to research a little more regarding other service providers in your area. You can compare the deals based on speeds, charges, and customer service to select the best option that fits your needs.

  •  Extra Services

NBN will replace your existing telephone network but also comes with an option to add a landline-like phone connection for a few extra bucks. Ask the service provider how many additional dollars you will need to pay. Also, assess if you really require a landline connection, especially when most mobile plans offer unlimited calls and text across Australia.

  •  Long-Term Contract vs. Monthly Payment

Many NBN plans offer a 24-month contract that features heavy discounts and even a free modem. But before you get tempted by these offers, it is recommended to research the customer service and downtime of the service provider. You should also test their service by initially selecting a flexible monthly deal. If you feel satisfied with the connection, you can always opt for a long term contract. It’s a safe bet especially when you might be penalised for discontinuing their service before the contract period.