Speed, convenience, and reliability stay at the heart of the tech universe to enable the businesses smartly serves what actually the customers are looking for.

The tech innovation, customer’s needs, and businesses desire to meet the expectations has built the foundation of on-demand delivery culture. The faster delivery at the defined place from the comfort of the couch, which is the crux of the on-demand delivery model, is now, undergoing a radical transformation with last mile logistic revamp.

The last mile delivery service is a key differentiation in the on-demand delivery model that can make or break the business with customers experience results. The time the shipment moves out from warehouses to get distributed to the end customers, it involves a multitude of processes and hiccups that can ruin the customer experience or win the customers forever. Obviously, every business wants to perform to the notch and go beyond the customer expectations.

But, last mile delivery management is not a work of an average Joe, where a little bit planning on the paper, managing vehicles, and drivers on phone calls, and communicating the estimated arrival time to the customers just once will guarantee that shipment always gets delivered as expected. You are actually cooking a recipe of disaster.

The modern businesses that are keeping the customer experience at the forefront, they are leveraging last mile delivery management software to step in with ever-changing customer’s expectations, keep tabs on drivers, streamline the operations, and track everything. Let’s discuss in detail.

The significance of last-mile delivery management software:

  • Optimize the routes in an automated fashion

Most often, the traffic jam, unexpected changes in weather and climate, and poor road conditions result in delayed deliveries that customers don’t accept. The situation can be prevented when the best route is defined considering all the unfortunate scenes so that deliveries can be accomplished in the least time, and with minimum fuel consumption.

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The intelligent algorithms in the management software automatically suggest the best route to the drivers based on the driver and customer’s location, area-specific information, and weather and traffic conditions. Besides, the optimized route can be re-routed, if any unfortunate events occur.

While offering services to modern customers, the businesses cannot sit back and keep their fingers crossed for timely deliveries. Having real-time visibility into shipment status is all-important for both business and customers.

The real-time delivery tracking system provides complete visibility into shipment at every minute. With real-time tracking, the business will stay up-to-date with the order progress and can respond instantly in the events of changing customer’s demands, or unforeseen circumstances such as a landslide or bad weather conditions.

  • Mobile compatibility

Not just the customers, but business managers are also up to the neck in. They also prefer managing the business, tracking the performance, fixing the inefficient processes on-the-go.

The software doesn’t necessitate the managers to stay glued to the desktop to better run the business and execute the processes; instead, the mobile support lets them easily access everything remotely through the internet-enabled device.

  • Control everything from a single dashboard

Planning the route on the paper, storing the proof of delivery, the credentials of distributors, the vehicle’s insurance papers, fuel consumption bills, and pretty more create the stacks of the file that are rarely searched, add no value to the business and consume extra office space to keep the records for future use. It’s the case of businesses going the traditional way.

As the last mile management system steps in, the businesses will bid a goodbye to the stacks of paper, all the information stored at one place in an organized way, the data can be analyzed to get rich insights, and comprehensive reports on daily, weekly, or monthly basis can be generated, which allow the manager to act efficiently. It supercharges the manager to control every last mile delivery operation from route optimization to delivery tracking to the expenses right from the desktop or mobile screen.

How incorporating Last Mile delivery Software improve the services?

  • Wow the customers

With route optimization, it’s ensured that customers will get the deliveries in a defined window of time along with push notifications for the shipment progress, ETAs, and unpredictable changes in the deliveries with reason, which keep the customer stay informed at every step of the way. The elimination of unknown delays doesn’t frustrate the customers and deliver a satisfactory experience.

  • Add flexibility

The free and flexible deliveries delight customers. At times, the customer is not available to collect the order and want to reschedule the delivery, then it can be facilitated. The software allows the customers to change the delivery time and location at any point of the order delivery that balloon satisfaction.

  • Bring in transparency

The online system brings sheer transparency in every last mile delivery operations. Both the business manager and customers are aware of the facts like- who will deliver the order, the time it takes to deliver the order, precise ETAs, and pretty more. In case of conflict, the problem can be fixed off the bat as both prospect and stakeholders have real-time information on the screens.

  • Ensure high productivity

Through route optimization, the drivers can complete more distance in the same time, which means more deliveries are successfully done in the reduced time that increases the driver throughput. With real-time information about vehicle status, the chances of unnecessary idling can be prevented that keep the drivers moving and accomplishing more deliveries in a day.

  • Increase profitability

Undoubtedly, the most efficient route defined by the system ensures deliveries are executed in the minimum time and at diminished fuel expenses, which increases the bottom line. Spending big bundles on fleet management, boosting productivity, and customer retention is not required which again increases the profit quotient.

In a nutshell

The business success is closed behind the doors of customer experience. The last mile delivery services can only unlock the CX door if they provide fast deliveries, real-time visibility, and flexibility. Achieving this level of excellence in the last mile delivery service without delivery management software is beyond the bounds of possibility. What does it imply?

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Don’t hang fire! Optimize the last mile delivery system with delivery management solution right away.