Getting reviews is more important for any business than what you may think, no matter if these are positive or negative reviews. A review can be used for potential customers and the business itself as useful information, as it can give them a good idea where the product is doing well and where it doesn’t. Especially in these recent years in which the internet is covering more and more, you can find many people looking for reviews of a variety of products before they decide whether the product is for them or not. Currently, around 90% of people will look for a review of a product so they can get a better idea of how good it is and what expectations to have.

What kind of reviews you could find available?

Reviews come in many sizes and types and these can be drawn from research, quality assessment, personal experience, and more. Reviews no matter its kind can be very helpful for a business so they can determine what areas of their product they can work on and which ones are already spot on. The following are the types of reviews you can find:

Literature Review/Narrative Review:

One of the most common types of reviews and one that follows the interpretation and critique of the author is better known as Narrative Reviews. A narrative review could be drawn from a variety of topics and the author can include books, journal articles, and their perspective when adding examples about the review. A narrative review when re-read it should be able to deepen the topic and help the reader in resolving & identifying questions, contradictions, and prepositions. The sources in a narrative review may be biased and it doesn’t always define in the review itself which studies are being included.

Systematic Review:

A systematic review is used to provide a methodical approach and through hard evidence and research gather enough information to answer a question. A systematic review would be most commonly found in the research of medical-based questions and healthcare, as due to its principles the evidence and research gathered must be collected, appraised and analyzed properly before providing the review. By predefining what you are looking for you can make performing a systematic review much easier as it can help you prioritize which areas of interest must be answered first and which aren’t as important. Doing a systematic review means you will gather research from literature and documentation that goes by hand with the topic you are working on.


A type of review that looks at studies from a systematic perspective and its purpose is to combine similar studies by pulling up data and statistics gathered from various other points of view. The goal of a meta-analysis is to integrate, summarize or organize data which is why statistical information is included in the review. By drawing many different points of view, no matter if these studies are lacking information when gathered together into a meta-analysis this one can provide a piece of much in-depth information that what the small studies could make while separate. Not all the studies included in a meta-review come from systematic sources but most of them would, which helps define and provide a deeper view of the topic.

Why can a review be useful for a business?

Going back to the very first question a review can indeed be very useful for any business. There is research that indicates that around 70% of people only interact with a brand if it has positive reviews, but then how are negative reviews helpful? Customer wise they may not be so useful other than knowing than the business must be avoided for some reason, but for a business, it can help in getting them to know where their product is lacking and which areas could they work on to improve it. Negative reviews don’t always come in the form of simple rants but sometimes they can be constructive and very helpful. Reviews are very important because they can help a customer or a business to make a decision and determine whether the product or service is lacking in any area or in which is where it shines the most.

There are many excellent reviewing sites such as standard reviewbrewery, which can help you get a constructive, in-depth and useful review of a product or a service. It is recommended to get a professional review to determine many areas of a product but always one done by a client can be very helpful as well