One of the most tedious task for an organization is to make a selection of software through which their projects can be managed very efficiently. Good software can help the members of a company to complete the project in an organised manner, but this is not the scenario in the case of low-quality software. The quality of a project management software cannot be judged on its complexity since there is much good software which has a simple workflow and manages the task dynamically. Nowadays various organizations have started to rely on the simple project management software for managing large projects.

When software is comprised of numerous features and functionalities, then it becomes tough for the user to use it. The project management software should be capable of reducing the unnecessary load of the team members of the organization. But when these software includes large and complicated processes to execute then it becomes wastage of time, energy and money. There are many reasons which support the use of simple project management software over the complex ones and they are.

1) All organizations doesn’t demands minute details

There are a large number of project management tool which are designed with a purpose to manage every micro detail of the project and it also gives the organization a benefit of picking the exact start and completion dates of the project. These software plans every minute of the project and also looks after the dependencies between the tasks and projects which are allotted to it. But there are several agencies which don’t follow this kind of the working process because projects evolve regularly. The customers make new requests every time and the company responds to its changes.

Therefore, in such an unsettled working process, it becomes very problematic to give accurate details of the completion of the project. The complex project management tools embolden the rigidity in each step of the project. This is done by making the use of Gnatt charts which are capable enough to map out every task and sub-task months before. This makes it very difficult to make the changes which are requested by the client.

One of the major task for many companies is to track the total time which is spent on the completion of each project. And after that, a comparison is carried out among the period of various projects, which helps a company to decide an efficient budget for the next project. Therefore, in such cases, it is recommended to use simple project management software instead of the complex ones.

2) Complex software is harder to use

A project management tool is of no importance if it is hard to use if the software is comprised of additional features and functions then to manage the project becomes very tough. The organization needs to give training to their employees for using such complex project management software. There are certain reasons behind the less popularity of complex project management software like precise guidelines are needed to be created to implement it, which demands an ample amount of time.

There are some scenarios in which the clients want certain visibility into the project; to track the progress of the project. In such cases, it becomes difficult for this software. Apart from all these organizations needs to spend a huge amount of money to buy this software, which is very difficult for them. Therefore, to avoid all these circumstances it is better to use simple project management software.

3) Employees can have better time management

The employees hired by the organization are intelligent, inventive and smart. They have got a better understanding of the accuracy, speed and the resources used by the company to manage a project. If in any given case, a part of a project takes a long time to execute then the company’s employees are capable enough to balance the workload. They hold expertise for handling such problems.

Well, an organization needs to take care of its employees, and not always chase the productivity and profitability of the organization. But this is not the case with the complex project management tools as they ripped off the employee capacity to perform the task.

In large organizations, the authorities don’t generally pressurise the employees on individual projects and they don’t plan it in detail as well. They focus more on managing the resources, time and the skills of the employees so that the quality of the project improves. Therefore most companies opt for simple software to balance the usability and functionality of the project.