Figuring out the right skincare products to use can be a frazzling affair, especially if your skin is highly sensitive and prone to issues such as acne and scarring. After routine trips to the dermatologist, trying out every possible solution, and finally clearing up your skin, you might think that you can finally abandon skincare–but that is not the case. Keeping up a simple, everyday routine is important in preventing new spots from flaring up and ensuring that your skin is always in its best condition.

Out of all the maintenance skincare you can do, post-pimple care is a critical battle against permanent scarring and widespread dark spots. All you need are a couple of go-to products, such as sunscreen and HYPERFADE™ Micro Dart Patch, to keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Look For Brightening Products

One of the biggest post-pimple or acne concerns is the appearance of dark spots, which can range from a tiny dot to multiple marks around your face. Dealing with uneven skin tone can make it difficult to say goodbye to wearing heavy, full-coverage foundations daily, which can clog your pores and worsen sensitive skin.

Look for brightening products as a solution to visibly reduce the look of dark spots. There are thousands of products available on the market, from masks to serums and Vitamin-C solutions, so choose one that matches your skin type and overall needs. Choosing brightening skincare is wonderful for daily use, so even after your spots are gone, they can still help your skin appear more glowy and youthful. A protip is to look out for Vitamin C, which is an industry-favourite ingredient that works wonders as an overall skin problem solver.

Use A Targeted Solution

Speaking of dark spots, they can get very stubborn. Regardless of how serious the issue is, you may want a more targeted solution to accelerate the disappearance of dark spots and prevent them from returning. You may have heard of hydrocolloid acne pimple patches, which are legendary for sucking out the dirt and residue that live inside pimples. Anti-dark spot patches, such as the HYPERFADE™ Micro Dart Patch, follow the same concept–but for dark spots!


Acne scars are the most difficult post-pimple residues to get rid of, as they can stay on your skin forever when left untreated. The issue can be severe enough to leave craters on the majority of your face. When that happens, you want to go back to your dermatologist for professional exfoliation through techniques such as dermabrasion or chemical peel. These are more aggressive techniques that minimize the look of deeper scars and may completely remove surface-level scars.

At home, you can slowly reduce the look of acne scars by regularly exfoliating once or twice a week. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may want to look into using gentler products with non-abrasive particles.

Do Not Skip SPF

Sun protection is one of the most pertinent components of any skincare routine, as the sun’s rays have been known to have direct effects on the appearance of fine lines, discolouration, and irritating sensitive skin. This product is especially important in your post-pimple routine, as you do not want to increase the severity of acne scars and dark spots. SPF should be the final layer of product you put on as it acts as a shield against the sun.

Taking care of your skin and achieving the clarity that many others are hoping for involves sticking to a routine and finding the right products that work for your needs. Keep at it, and you will surely be able to meet your skin in its best state ever!