A beautiful city in the mid of forested mountain ridges is not other than Birmingham. It is the most attractive place for tourists. The beauty of Birmingham fascinates travelers, and they came here to spend their weekends or vacations. The beautiful shopping malls and shops are crowded with people of all ages. The aroma coming from restaurants mesmerizes the hunger of travelers. They stop there and satisfy their hunger. The whistle of trains gives the signature sound in the city and shows how life is going fast.

This article will help you to find reasons to spend your weekend in this magic city of Alabama.

A Perfect Weekend in Birmingham, Alabama

  • Find a Good Place To Eat In Birmingham, Alabama:  

You can find several places for dining in Birmingham, Alabama. If you want to eat some grilled food, then you can go to Ovenbird. It will be a good option for you to enjoy the food there. This restaurant is famous for its live-fire cooking and grilled food. The ambiance of the restaurant will remind you of the old times and traditions of Birmingham. If you want brunch, then you can go to Feast and Forest. You can enjoy Dapper & Wise Coffee with special biscuits made of buttermilk. You can go to the Pizitz Building to find some food options. There is a food hall in this building, where you can get several international cuisines. One famous cafe in Birmingham is Woodlawn cycle café. At this place, you can enjoy the fantastic taste of coffee with friends.

  • Shopping Places in Birmingham, Alabama:

Travel is incomplete without shopping. If you travel to Birmingham, you can get amazing brands of everything. You can buy from local brands of jewelry to famous brands like Golden Goose and Rodarte. It’s all depends on you how you buy. Open shop is one of the renowned apparel shops. Here, you can get an amazing collection of women and men’s wear. Another good option to shop is Club Duquette, where you can find skin-care products from Clary collection, Olo Fragrances. You can come here with friends to hang out and enjoy some music.

  • Activities to do in Birmingham, Alabama:

You can make your weekend more memorable by visiting different sites of Birmingham, Alabama. You have an excellent option to see beautiful blooming lilies at the bank of the Cahaba River. This river runs around the whole city of Alabama. You can take a basket full of different food items, plan a trip with friends, and see the natural beauty of this magic city.

The most famous place to visit in Birmingham is a railroad park. The beauty of this park is because of 600 different types of trees that surround it. It has incredible pathways. You can spend quality time here with your spouse.

Zoo always attracts people of all ages. Birmingham Zoo is also an attractive place for visitors. There are more than 900 animals from 230 species. It is an excellent opportunity to see the creature from different continents in one place.

 The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a center of attraction for many tourists. The beauty of this garden does not let you go anywhere. It will refresh your mind, and you will feel relax by interacting with nature.

Your weekend will be awesome if you visit the Alabama Theatre. This theater hosts more than 300 events every year. It shows numerous films. The ancient design of this building and its historical events set a beautiful image in the visitor’s mind.

If you are fond of motorsports, then plan your weekend to Birmingham’s Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. It is a highly attractive place for motorcyclists. This museum has displayed over 1400 motorcycles and above 650 bikes. These are the creation of 200 manufacturers who belong to 20 different countries in the world.

Visit Birmingham, Alabama as International visitor?

A journey to Birmingham will never let you bore; its old architecture design fascinates travelers. Its food, shopping places, visiting spots are highly compelling. The beautiful gardens and museums give visitors a reason to stay here. Indeed it is not possible to explore the whole of Birmingham on the weekend. It requires lots of time to enjoy every place in Birmingham. Therefore wisely plan your visit here. Check ESTA website to know tour details about Birmingham. You can get your required detail there. To apply for ESTA application, you can check requirements on the site. Fill those requirements and apply for ESTA no later than 72 hours before your departure. After applying for ESTA, you should Check ESTA website for updates. It will help you if there is a delay in processing your ESTA application.

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