What is online gambling?

Online gambling refers to betting on different types of games over the internet. It requires a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. Web-based betting may involve casino-style games or sports bets. Examples include slots, poker, roulette, keno, bingo and lotteries.

Internet gambling has some alternative terms such as online lotteries, online betting, electronic gambling, and gambling services. This form of games has become popular in recent years because people can play these games from anywhere at any time.

Is online gambling legal in USA?

In the USA, web-based betting is not completely legal or explicitly illegal. In some states, people can gamble with their money without the risk of facing prosecution. However, operators have to be aware of some strict rules and regulations.

A law called PASPA banned sports gambling at the Federal level in 1992. But in 2018, a Supreme Court ruling voided the law. Currently, at the Federal level, internet betting is legal.

But that is not the case at the state level. There are many local laws. Some of the laws are internet betting friendly, some are downright hostile, and others are vague.

Web-based casinos are fully legal in the following states. Gamblers do not have to worry about breaking any law in these states. There is no prohibition or restriction.

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia

In the following two states, web-based betting is limited:

  • Nevada
  • Delaware

There are some states where internet betting is legal to some extent. Here are some states where web-based betting is not completely illegal:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Rhode Island

How online gambling is regulated in USA

Gambling activities are not something new in the USA. They can be traced back to a distant past. When European reached the new-found land, different types of betting were prevalent in America.

Now, many luxurious casinos operate in the USA. As a result, all the states in the country have taken this issue very seriously and have passed relevant laws.

Prior to the enforcement of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) in 2006, US players were gladly accepted by almost all offshore operators. Currently, there are strict restrictions for US players.

In spite of the enforcement of the UIGEA, US players take part in offshore betting. It is important to understand that the UIGEA has not completely outlawed internet betting. This is a state issue, and regulations are created by each state.

If online casinos are banned in your locality, that does not mean that it is banned in all other states. Web-based betting is completely legal in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

To make sure that only players from the permitted territories are participating in these games, authorities use advanced geolocation technology. And to make sure that underage players are not participating in these games, authorities use electronic age verification.

What else you need to know about online gambling in USA

Online casino market in the US is very complicated because laws and regulations are not the same in all states. Racetracks, casinos, electronic slot machines aks online pokies and cardrooms are subject to separate regulations and restrictions.

Many real money online casinos are now operating in isolated rural areas. These tribal casinos are required to reach a legal agreement. A relatively new phenomenon, tribal casino operation has not become a mainstream business.

These legal activities have not slowed down these activities in the country. Its popularity is growing fast. In 2012, the total earning of legal casinos reached $37.34 billion. But every action has an opposite reaction, and it is true for the legal operations in America. It is anticipated that this liberalization will face a puritan pushback soon.


If you are living in the USA, online casinos may or may not be legal for you. It depends on the state in which you live. But, even if web-based casinos are legal for you, you must have a clear idea of what you are getting into.

Choosing a reliable operator is of utmost importance, you have to provide your sensitive information. Hopefully this post will help you make an informed decision.