2020 has changed the way people do many activities as they are encouraged to avoid going out or engaging in unnecessary contact with others due to COVID-19. Lockdown regulations saw brick-and-mortar casinos closed temporarily. While they have subsequently reopened, they must follow strict guidelines to ensure patrons’ safety.

Many users have turned to online gambling to eliminate the need to visit a casino in states that have legalized this practice. Gambling sites are being optimized for mobile phone usage, with service providers making it even more convenient by launching apps.

There is an app for that

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, there is a myriad of apps available. But which one is best? This question has been raging since the launch of both operating systems, long before real money online casino apps became the focal point of the latest chapter in the debate. Most users boast loyalty to the one they use, claiming it is better and refusing to listen to any evidence to the contrary. Nevertheless, let us examine them in the online gambling context. After that, you will be the judge.

All users can agree that apps are an ideal example of using AI for businesses to make things easier for users and service providers alike. For users who were around pre-smartphone, an app is a revelation that many stare at in wonder each time they use it.

The argument for Android

There are some ways that you could demonstrate how Android is better than iOS. For a start, this platform offers users a wider choice of apps. While Google only enabled the use of gambling apps in 2017, there are now a plethora of apps available, most of them free. Additionally, Android users have the benefit of being able to download apps from not only the Play Store but also Amazon and numerous other platforms.

The argument for iOS

Most apps are developed on iOS before migrating to Android, so Apple users have the advantage of exposure to new apps before their Android counterparts. Apple has stricter app regulations than Android, and developers know that if their app survives Apple’s screening, it will not have any problems on Google’s platform. Apple scrutinizes all its apps closely, and online gambling apps enjoy stringent checking to ensure that they are legitimate and not skewed in favor of a developer or service provider.