Birth certificates are needed to apply for any documents in India. All proof of identification and address begins with a birth certificate. Even processes like opening a bank account or getting admission for a kid in high school need one. Ideally, birth certificates are created at the time a child is born and more often than not are handled by the hospital, in collaboration with the Municipality or the Panchayat in the area. However, there are instances where parents prefer managing these themselves and would have to coordinate without the assistance of the hospital.

How does one go about applying for a birth certificate?

The process of getting a birth certificate is quite simple. It only takes a few minutes if it is handled through the online ​birth certificate agency. Applicants can log in to the website and download a list of the documents they need to get through the application process. The best part is that the site has everything one could need. All the forms and lists of supporting documents, with specific reasons why any of them are needed, can be found here. The online platform goes a step further and handles the collaboration between the right departments and offices throughout the country to make sure birth certificates are received on time. The platform also handles all tasks relating to birth certificates so if an individual needs any clarifications, they came to the right place.

What are the various uses of the birth certificate agency?

When it comes to the birth certificate process, there are multiple parties involved which can sometimes lead to several issues and miscommunication. One of the most common issues when receiving a birth certificate are the typos that come on it. Either the name of one of the people is spelt wrong, or some of the details have been miswritten and making these changes needs so many additional documents that it quickly turns into a nightmare. However, coordinating this with the website speeds up the process since someone else will be coordinating with their office. The challenge about birth certificates is that they have to be coordinated in the area an individual was born, and not where they live. For people who were born out of the state, this could take several days.

Another common issue when it comes to ​birth certificates, like almost all important documents is that they tend to get misplaced and it can be quite a challenge to find them. Since the document is needed for almost all work, they are carried around everywhere which makes finding a misplaced one a challenge. The website handles the entire process on your behalf with you only filling out the needed applications and they take the process forward. Applicants have to make sure they have filled out the right forms and submitted the necessary documents since the paperwork needed for each instance is unique to that instance.