Every man is expected to be well-groomed. However, you do not have to break your bank now and then to make your way to the salon. There are many ways through which you can still professionally cut your hair at home without making appointments. All you need it to have your Oster fast feed ceramic blade in hand to start shaving.

With one eye on the mirror, you will have your fabulous look within a short time. However, you need patience if this is the first time you’re cutting your hair at home. The sleek and stylish style can be achieved in four major steps.

Part 1: Get your hair ready

The first step is ensuring that your hair is clean and free of all the snarly substances. You should use shampoo and hair conditioner to ensure that the strands are free from greasy products. Secondly, you should detangle the hair by running a wide-toothed comb through it. If the knots are resistant to combing, you can use your fingers. This will ensure that the hair is free from tangles, thus produce clean and even results. If your hair is dry, you can spritz it with water or use a detangling spray.

The preparation stage also involves drying the hair with a towel since results are achieved when the strands are damp but not dripping wet. Ensure that you comb after drying it up. Cutting the hair while wet may result in the hair not laying the same way when dry. The other preparation step is finding a comfortable place to sit. You should choose the bathroom as it has running water to clean all the mess caused.

The last bit is positioning two Mirrors; one at the front and the other at the back to ensure that you can see all the parts of your head. This is the time when you can section your hair into parts to ensure that one part is exhausted before getting to the other. If the hair is long enough, you can use clips to hold the strands in position.

Part 2: cutting the back and sides.

Clippers are best when cutting the sides and back of your head. They have the feature guard whereby you can set them at 1 to 2 to control the amount of haircut. They are mostly recommended for beginners who wish to have nothing more than a basic cut. You should ensure that you work on one side at a time by starting from the bottom of the side to the top. However, always make sure that you work against your hair grain if you wish to get a cleaner look.

From the side, move to the back of your head and ensure the second mirror is in position. Cut your hair from the bottom to the top. You should also ensure that you use the same guard length as was used in the sides. Once you’re done with the back, work on the lower half and ensure the clippers have been set at s shorter setting. This will make your cut even.

Part 3: Use scissors to cut the top

For the top part of your head, you should use styling scissors instead of clippers as they give your hair more texture besides making the cuts precise. However, you should avoid household scissors as they are not designed for this purpose.

Use a comb or fingers to raise the strands before cutting them (should be about 6 mm). Make sure that the cuts are made parallel to your face. Moreover, hold up a previously cut section to set the limit for your next section. More attention should be paid to the crown of the head as it depicts the whole appearance.

Part 4: Making finishing touches

Ensure that the sides are even. You ought to comb your hair straight and check if the sections are of the same length. If not, trim out the extra lengths. The other step is trimming the sideburns if you are lucky to have some. For longer ones, cut from the bottom of your ears to the top.

Ensure that the top of your head blends with the sides. This is achieved by combing the hair from the top to the sides. You can then use your sheets to cut out the ends to reduce bulk. Lastly, rinse your hair to remove strays, dry it with a towel, and style it as desired.

The guide above shows that with patience, you can save a few bucks and have your hair cut at home. All you need is the right tools and attitude to start this fantastic experience.