It is no secret that Aussies love gambling. According to the latest Australian Gambling Statistics, the gambling industry is worth more than $23 billion. Not to mention the popular gray industry that has flourished after restrictive regulations began to rule.

For almost 20 years, interactive (online) gambling has been banned in Australia, but with such a profitable market many online casinos offer their services and today it is easy to play your favorite pokies at home.

Along with the casino industry, payment processors have renewed their offering to meet the Aussies’ needs, which are nothing different than being able to safely deposit and withdrawal from online casinos. Under this reality, new companies have been created and today terms like Neosurf Casinos are popular among players.

What is a Neosurf Casino? And most importantly, what is Neosurf?

Neosurf is a company founded in 2004 in response to the online gambling regulation in Australia in 2001. Its business model is quite simple. Neosurf prepaid cards can be bought at many convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets, etc.

These are available from AU$10 to AU$200, and although Neosurf vouchers can be found all over the world (the company is actually headquartered in France), this payment method has become very popular in Australia because it is very easy and safe to use

How to get a Neosurf Voucher? 

To buy a Neosurf cash voucher, you need to find a retailer on the Neosurf website. Then you handle physical cash and get a card with a secret PIN code that can be used on many websites, including of course, Aussie-friendly casinos.

The other part of the story is how to withdraw your profits. Payment processors such as Neosurf solve only half the problem because they focus on offering a deposit option but not on having a gateway to process payments to players.

Some Neosurf casinos offer the option to withdraw funds to bank accounts, or even to create new Neosurf vouchers with the player’s gaming profits, so players shouldn’t worry about how to withdraw money from online pokies. It’s just that in a fenced market, you need to use alternative methods that are just a few clicks away.

Of course, you need to be careful and avoid fraudulent sites, but in 2020 there are many reviews available on the Internet that guide gamblers in the right direction. After a few searchers, the scammers will reveal their real faces. You should verify the credentials of any site you want to use, regardless of whether it’s a payment processor, an online pokie, or a Neosurf casino.

Final Words

Aussies love gambling. With that in mind, it stands to reason that in the digital era, online casinos and payment processors emerge to serve the market. Going forward, the Australian government may change its opinion on gambling, mainly to get an additional income through taxes that may represent millions of dollars invested in education or health, and although it may sound unlikely today, with a gray gambling industry becoming more popular every day, it will make sense for years to come.