When searching for products and services online, most customers look for product reviews. Studies have shown that they trust these reviews more than they trust friends and family recommendations. It’s just that having access to that many reviews makes them feel more secure and more enthusiastic about shopping online. In case you’re running a business, you might be thinking about whether encouraging customers and experts to write reviews of your business is a good idea. With that said, let’s take a look at how these things can impact your company’s marketing efforts.

Increases conversions

Online reviews don’t only have for a purpose to drive people to your website, they can also help users who’ve accessed your website make a purchase decision, thus helping you increase your conversions. The best part of it is that every review you get can lead to a purchase, even negative ones. Displaying both positive and negative reviews shows that your business doesn’t have anything to hide which encourages people to buy from you. Not to mention that online reviews can help customers eliminate any doubts they might have about your product and decide to click on that “confirm order” button.

Improves SEO

The marketing world is all about SEO at the moment. If you rank well in SERPs, your business will do better – simple as that. What you may not know is that online reviews impact the way your site’s ranking. Just think about it – the more people decide to review your business, the more of your keywords will appear on your site, making it easier for Google and other search engines to rank it. Moreover, responding to those comments and starting conversations with customers creates even more opportunities for the use of your keywords. Last but not least, positive comments lead to more clicks and click-through-rate (CTR) is closely related to SEO.

Creates trust

If you manage to connect to a customer and ensure they can trust you, they might turn into loyal followers of your brand. Customers like that will keep coming back and buy more from you. Getting people to review your business on the web is the perfect way to build all the trust you need. Once a user sees satisfied customers are ready to take some time and write about how they enjoyed buying from you, they’ll feel more ready to make a purchase. If you need some inspiration, just check out AskGamblers and how they provide transparent information in order to build trust.

Gives star ratings

We live in the age of search engines and people tend to trust these things more than they did in the past. No matter which search engines you use, there’s always a star rating telling you which business you might want to turn to. Encouraging people to review your company online creates more opportunities for getting positive star ratings and standing out from the crowd. The more stars you manage to collect, the more authoritative your website will appear. This also means people will take the content you post on your blog more serious and they’ll be more likely to check out your product or service.

Puts quality over price

Even if it doesn’t feel that way, customers don’t care a lot about the price. In fact, most of the time they’ll be ready to pay more if they know they’re getting the best product or service available. Studies have shown that 63 percent of customers are ready to spend 15 percent for the same product if assured they’ll get exactly what they want. The problem is, if they never bought from you before, they don’t know how quality your product or service is. Luckily, they can read online reviews and base their opinion on what other customers have to say about your business.

Helps your business grow

Besides encouraging people to write reviews about your business, you should also focus on reading every comment you get. That way, you get to identify what kind of changes in your approach customers would want to see. Adjusting according to their suggestions opens up plenty of new marketing opportunities as it shows just how much your business cares. For example, you can share the reviews you’ve got and proof of you’ve used those reviews to take your operations to the next level. Get everything right and there’s no doubt you’ll see your organization grow.


There’s no doubt online reviews no play a more significant role in the marketing world than they ever did before. Not only that they can influence users to make a purchase but they can also turn them into regular customers and ambassadors of your brand. Offer incentives to customers who’re ready to write a review about your company and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Most of the time, all you’ll have to give up are discounts and freebies.