If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you probably take whatever excuse you can to ingest your favorite strain using your preferred method.

And why not? You’re an adult and you know your limits.

But what about when you’re not feeling well? If you have a recent health hiccup, understandably you may be wondering if you should maintain your usual cannabis schedule.

Well, we’re here to tell you: it depends.

We’ll discuss consuming marijuana while you’re sick and if it is a bad idea ahead.

First, Consider Your Symptoms

We all know there’s a pretty big difference between sick and siiiiiick.

In the first instance, you may just feel a little sleepy and realize you just haven’t had enough sleep lately. When you’re this type of sick, more likely than not getting plenty of fluids and catching up on sleep with restore you quickly.

You can still consume cannabis when you feel this way and it likely won’t make you worse. In fact, it may help you relax and get the sleep your body very much needs, especially if you have depression.

In the second instance, you’ve already felt sleepy, drank plenty of water, but are now full-blown feverish. You’re legitimately sick, and there’s no avoiding it.

If you’re sick enough to run a temperature and possibly even see a doctor, slow down. There is no use in consuming marijuana when you feel too sick to enjoy it in the first place.

There is also the issue of prescriptions.

If your doctor prescribed you an antibiotic for your illness, you have some research to do. Depending on the specific antibiotic, and how your body metabolizes it, you may not have any issues consuming cannabis while taking it.

You can learn more about that here.

How You Ingest Marijuana

How you ingest cannabis is another factor in determining if you can use it while sick.

For instance, if you’re sick and your main symptom is a sore throat, maybe don’t take a bong hit for a day or two.

The same goes with an upset stomach and nausea. If these are your prime symptoms, avoid edibles.

If your symptoms directly affect your usual cannabis consumption style, this is a good time to switch things up.

You can still consume marijuana, avoid withdrawal if you’re a regular user, but just change up the style.

Smoke when your stomach hurts, try an edible when your throat hurts, and so on.

Your Experience Level

Time for a moment of honesty!

If you’re considering consuming marijuana while you’re sick, it can be a bad idea depending on your specific habits.

Ask yourself these questions, and answer them honestly:

  • Are you a daily cannabis user?
  • Do you typically consume more than your friends in one sitting?
  • Does your preferred strain have a major impact on your mind and body?

Now, let’s examine these questions one by one:

Marijuana Use Frequency

If you’re an infrequent marijuana user, as in once a month or less, skip the marijuana while you’re under the weather.

You’ll likely feel better without it, and feel better quicker.

If you’re a weekly to daily user, this is different. Your mind and body are well adapted to cannabis effects, and so you’re probably safe to consume marijuana while sick (though consider our other points above, of course!)

Marijuana Use Amount

Are you the Cheech to a friend’s Chong? A Snoop Dogg to their Matha Stewart?

Do you just plain consume a lot of marijuana in one sitting?

We mention a couple of famous cannabis duos for a reason. Unless you smoke with a friend, you may not know how much you consume in comparison to other people.

But if you’re well known as a huge consumer in your crowd, odds are, your tolerance is pretty stellar. In such a case, you’re more likely to be okay consuming marijuana while sick than someone with a lower experience level and tolerance.

Your Preferred Strain

You have your favorite marijuana strain in your pocket and you’re ready to get to it. The problem is: you’re sick!

In this case, think about the strain. Is it CBD heavy, and something you consume to deal with anxiety? Or is it a THC strain that provides you with the head and body high you like?

If you take marijuana for a medical purpose and it’s a CBD strain, you shouldn’t stop taking it if you’re sick, unless your doctor says so.

However, if we’re talking about a THC strain that you consume for its psychoactive properties, it may be best to lay off it.

At least for a couple of days!


Accepting you’re sick and putting the marijuana away is not easy. But in some instances, it may be completely necessary.

When you feel ill, take our advice into account so you feel better faster.

That marijuana will still be waiting for you once you’re 100% better, after all.