The world of business is tough and competitive, encouraging us to look for new forms to impress and win clients. One of the most important advantages every business should acquire is a technological one. You could have the greatest product in the world but if your presentation doesn’t stand out, you will lose to your competitors. To make your presentation dynamic, innovative and exciting set your eyes on Free Online Slideshow Creator.

Make a Plan

First of all, make a plan for your future presentation: introduction, the main part, and conclusion. Which points are you trying to get across? What would you like your audience to remember after your speech? What is the main purpose of your presentation? Take a piece of paper and make a draft of your work, try to be as precise as possible.

Choose Pictures

When you have worked out the structure, try to visualize each slide and make a schematic drawing of them. It will help you decide how much text you can put on every slide and what pictures you will require. Since it is a corporate presentation, you can’t use any photos you can find, so make sure to look for royalty-free pictures. Alternatively, you can pick some images from the library in this free slideshow creator. Additionally, prepare all the necessary charts and diagrams that you need to illustrate your material. Drag the pictures you have selected to the storyline at the bottom and place them in the correct order.

Tip: To make your project more exciting, make it interactive by adding a couple of questions for the audience or providing a small quiz. Your colleagues might get distracted after a while or simply bored and a quick interaction will bring them back.

Slide Deck

The next step is choosing the slide deck, which will be a common thread in your work, creating a holistic design for the entire presentation. Maybe your company has some templates for this case, else look for more ideas online and replace the background with the slide deck. This photo slideshow creator also has basic picture editing tools for quick last-minute retouching: cropping, stretching, adjustment of saturation and contrast.

Add Animation And Text

Now it is time to add animation and transition effects, of which you will find plenty in the online slideshow creator. Browse through the diverse options of effects and clipart and try them out. But don’t overuse them, your work needs to look professional and low-key.

Finally, add some text to your slides, but only two or three sentences, preferably in the short form.

Tip: Use two or three quotations from famous people to make your point more powerful. A strong quote will stick in people’s memory for a long time and help them digest new information easier.

Record Comments

For a business presentation, you probably will not need a musical background but you can try recording your voice to explain a complex graph. Additionally, the slideshow creator with music allows you to record another expert to elaborate on something that you are not so certain about, for example, details about the technology that was used or a complicated financial report. This way you will not miss any important information or tell your audience false facts because of a misunderstanding.

The presentation can be saved on your PC in any popular format or directly uploaded to YouTube and Facebook.

The Free Online Slideshow Creator is also completely free of charge and available for everybody. It is easy to use, quick to install and fun to work with. We wish you professional success and flexible clients.