The human leg has a complex structure which consists of various bones, tendons, tissues, and ligaments. A minor injury to these lag components can affect the movement with intense pain. This pain in the leg can radiate from the pelvic area to the toe of the feet. These injuries are very severe and need proper medication and treatment to decrease their severity and damage. However, sometimes, severe injuries if they remain untreated, can lead towards the leg amputation.

If you face this type of injuries, it’s your right to claim the compensation against the liable party. You can’t ignore this procedure. As you know, if you ignore or bypass this step, you can face trouble which may increase after the time passes.

What is amputation?

Amputation is surgical removal of the infected or dead part of the limb, arm, leg, hand, toe or finger. Amputation is not uncommon in America. According to a survey, more than 1.8 millions of Americans are living with amputation. Furthermore, the study shows that leg and hand amputation is most common in accidents.

Leg amputation is the removal of the leg in surgery due to the increase of infection in the affected area. This infection can occur due to cuts in road accidents, brutal penetration of foreign objects and delayed treatment is also a significant cause of the amputation.

Common reasons for leg amputation

Leg amputation can occur due to various causes. In detail, the dead tissues in the infected area begin to die rapidly. If you don’t amputate your leg, the infection may become severe and may affect the nearby regions of the body.
The common causes of amputation might include:

• Neuroma which is the thickness of the nerve tissues

• Frostbite

• Severe injuries due to road accident or accident in work

• Tumour caused by cancer in the bone or limb

What are the main areas of amputation for a leg?

The leg amputation may occur according to the infection in the area. It may also depend on how much disease has spread to the leg. The main sites of the leg amputation are:

  • Through the thigh
  • Just below the knee
  • Through the knee

The area of amputation depends on the infection. For example, if the area infection is spread to the knee area, and didn’t cross the knee yet, the amputation will occur through the knee. The doctor will make sure that the infection doesn’t pass to the remaining leg.

Injuries that can lead to amputation

Various accidents can lead to severe injuries and amputation. As you know, this is a long term suffering and victim experience trouble for the whole life.

Some accidents that can cause amputation are:

Road accident

Road accidents are quite common in any country. In more developed countries, the speed limit of the track is usually too high; this increase in speed can cause various accidents in which people may lead to death. On high speed, when your vehicle collides with the other moving vehicle, the collision can cause brutal impact. Especially when you are riding a bike, then the collision can cause severe damage to the hands and legs.

Therefore, to reduce these severe injuries in a road accident, you can use proper safety gadgets. The safety equipment provides safety to the rest of the joints and the bones of the legs, arm and spinal cord.

Workplace accidents

Workplace accidents are also common in every industry. However, there are some industries that more at risk of severe accidents. These accidents can cause severe injuries and can lead to amputation.

Carpenters, welders, labour and other professions are more at risk of severe injuries. Especially when you get cut, you may transfer the bacteria and virus to your body. These foreign bodies try to dead your body cells.

To avoid severe injuries in the workplace, the employer should provide proper safety equipment to their employees. However, employers should make sure that their staff work in a healthy and safe environment.

Seek medical attention

After the injury, the victim should immediately seek medical attention. As you know, severe injuries should e treated first. If you delay the treatment, these injuries can lead to death. After the first aid, the doctor will refer your case to the specific and relevant department. Thereafter, the relevant doctor will thoroughly examine your body and will tell you about your current health. If the injuries are severe, the doctor may look for the surgeries.

Seek the solicitor’s help

After the amputation surgeries, you will need to seek the solicitor’s help. You can consult with a professional and experienced personal injury solicitor to seek advice about the case. Furthermore, personal injury solicitor can help you to collect the evidence related to the accident.

Personal injury solicitor preston can help you to calculate the damage amount in the form of the economic, social and general body damage. However, after this calculation, the personal injury solicitor will pursue your case in the solicitor court to win a handsome amount. Thereafter, you will use this amount in the recovery process and cover economic loss.