Know How Can You Recover Files from Formatted Hard Drive Yourself


Some times it happens when you format your hard drive and realize that your important data is also deleted and you want to recover your files but you are not able to find the way. Here I am going to discuss how we you recover files after formatting hard disk yourself. But before moving to recovery process. Let’s first know the reasons due to which you have to format disk.

Reason Behind Your Disk Get Formatted

There could be a lot of reasons by which data can be a loss. It may be physical error sometimes or could be technical. Formatting the hard drive without having backup may lose your precious files. The reasons are listed below:

  • Disk Crash:  It happens due to normal operation, or due to an external factor such as exposure to fire or high magnetic fields, etc.
  • Unstable Power Supply:  Using of unreliable Power sources can cause hard drive failure.
  • Internal Failure:  It occurs when your files and folders get corrupted. Sometimes you see that the screen is black after booting screen.
  • Corrupted Files:  Using Malicious programs in the system can also lead to corrupt files.

Human error: Wrong installations of OS or Format the folders accidentally.

Is It Possible to Retrieves Files After Formatting Hard Drive?

Sometimes, when users format a hard disk, they use “Quick Format”. This rewrites the partition table, which will keep blur (hide) files and remove from the visible folder without damaging the original data on the disk. This means a hard drive doesn’t erase the data stored, It erases the data which is present on the address tables. This is what makes possible to recover files after formatting hard drive, partition, SD card or any other storage files.
So, it is possible to retrieve files after formatting hard drive.

 Authenticated Software to Retrieves Files After Formatting Hard Drive

The direct way to retrieves files after formatting hard drive, SD card, USB drive use “SysTools Software to Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data.This software is a powerful data recovery capacity and performance stability. Although this software is able to rescue your data in many other different files loss situations, completing your various types of needs for file recovery.

Talking about SysTools File Recovery Software:

  • Retrieving files after formatting Internal/External hard drive of Computers.
  • Recover data from GPT and MBR Hard disk partition.
  • Supports Formatted Disk Recovery FAT, exFAT, and NTFS File System.
  • Regain all types of existing files like photos, videos, documents, etc.
  • Recover files after formatting hard drive on Windows 10, 8, 7, etc.
  • It is advisable to use SysTools Software to recover files from formatted hard drive. It will provide you effectiveness and best result.

Steps to Recover Files After Formatting Hard Drive Using Software

If you want to retrieve files after formatting Hard drive then you need to follow a few easy steps. Which will help you to get back the important files in simple way:

  1. Download and Install SysTools Software on your computer system.
  2. Go to the start menu, open the program, select the formatted partition. After that click on Formatted Scan button.
  3. Now the software will provide you scanning report. Here you can view the progress report of recovering files from formatted disk.
  4. After completing the recovery process, the software will provide you preview of recovered files and folders.
  5. Now Save all retrieved files and folders in healthy state on your computer.

Hard Drive Formatted and Data Lost – Don’t Do This?

The thing you need to always keep in mind, Once data lost, stop using the hard drive immediately.  Because, once the files get overwritten then recovery is not possible. So, it is recommended that stop using the disk after data loss.

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If you lose important files and want to retrieve files after formatting hard drive you are recommended to use SysTools Software. This is one of the best methods to regain all files or data. You need to make sure that your file is not overwritten, and you will get the lost data within a minute in the original location. You can also try the demo version of the software before purchase. If there we are any further queries are there you could comment on us.