Many servers only allow a limited number of requests that can come from a specific IP address, yet you can double your number of requests or more if you add IP rotation to your strategy. Usually, a company can opt to have either a single or multiple IP addresses, yet if you only send or receive from a single address then there is no much use to having multiple IP addresses at your disposition. Here is where IP rotation can help you if, of course, you have multiple IP addresses you can use. Instead of sending a limited number of requests from a single IP you can have them rotate and appear as if the request is coming from a different client thus allowing you to efficiently increase the number of requests you can send. Let me delve a little deeper into the topic of IP rotation and show you why it can be helpful for you:

What is IP rotation?

As mentioned before an IP rotation is when you swap IP addresses to increase the number of requests you can send to a single server, yet there are other areas where IP rotation can help you even more. You can find 3 types of proxies which are rotating, semi-dedicated and dedicated. Of the three types, a rotating proxy is the most effective because it divides the requests being sent into a server and helps you avoid being detected & banned from the website or server.

How can I make IP rotation more effective?

The more IP addresses you have available the more robust and harder to detect your IP rotation will be. Many websites have trouble recognizing if the IP address of its client comes from the same device or not, and by rotating these IP addresses it will think the connection comes from two separate machines. If you have many IP addresses available you can always divide them into groups and rotate these groups as a whole. Be always sure you confirm the proxies you are using are reliable by properly testing them.

Automate your IP rotation:

This most likely goes without saying but be sure to automate IP rotation via proper configuration. Manually changing IP addresses from different clients can be very time-consuming, instead, opt for automating this process with effective IP automation tools. A proper IP automation tool will easily allow you to select the groups of IP addresses to rotate, doing it depending on your configurations no matter if it is under a threshold or at a certain time. IP rotation is an excellent way to double, triple or more the requests you can do to a specific website without endangering yourself with being banned or causing other problems to the website itself.

Beware of causing a denial of service:

Depending on the reason, you are communicating with a certain server you can find out you are sending too many requests and saturating the server. Because the server doesn’t detect your IP addresses coming from the same client you can easily over saturate and crash the server if you are not careful enough. Always be sure you are not sending too many requests for the server to handle and instead properly communicate with it while keeping the number of requests on a check.

An IP rotator is an excellent tool that can help you in a variety of ways from increasing your web scraping capabilities, keep your IP addresses safe from being banned, and gather updated data from a website constantly and without a hassle. There are many points to consider when you are doing an IP rotation, but if you find your company has many IP addresses available then IP rotation surely is a great choice to enhance your connectivity with other networks. Being able to access reliably from different addresses means these servers will fail to recognize that only your client is constantly connecting or gathering data from them. You can find great IP rotation options, web scraping and geocoding APIs and other great solutions by heading to

IP rotation is highly recommended and can be applied to many examples, especially if you are using an API that allows you to get an IP from a vast pool of IP addresses. There are excellent APIs that help you get a constant connection with a website and retry with a different IP if another happens to fail, to ensure the problem is not happening due to a blocked IP, a proxy and such. IP rotation is highly used when it comes to web scraping because it ensures you are always connecting from a different IP address in case another one fails and tests to verify the previous one wasn’t banned by their system.