It sounds like a dream to be paid just to read or even read for free, but this necessarily is not a pipe dream. Some so many people are aspiring to be book reviewers. These reviewers can read books for free. There are so many different platforms to find book reviewers. If you are serious about becoming a book reviewer, you first need to learn how a book review is written. It may not work for you if you used to buy essays and skip classes in college.

When it comes to writing a book review, these are the three main things you need to consider: providing a summary, presenting a valuation, giving your recommendation.

How a book review is written

  1. Provide a summary 

When writing a summary of the book, do you want to avoid giving all the good parts? A good example is a trailer that offers all the good things about a movie, and when you watch the film, the same nothing new to say. What does somebody do reveals the theme, the genre? The main characters in the central conflict in the story? The summaries will not give spoilers on how the story will end. The best way to achieve this is not to reveal anything beyond the midpoints. The summary only sets the stage of the book without necessarily explaining the central issue.

When writing a non-fiction summary, the primary goal should be providing context. You should also give the problems of the issues that have been spotted in the book and how the book address system. Do not forget to mention the authors and expertise and experience that they bring on board.

  1. Present your evaluation

When writing a book review, a personal take is usually woven into the review. But the review should not be only about your interpretation, but it should also be subjective. Your presentation should be about how the story affected you and also how you reacted. It usually presents both the weak and vital elements of the story objectively and provides some examples to back it up.

Something that can help with the evaluation is recording your thoughts and reaction as you’re going through the novel to be reviewed. To keep an objective view of the review, some questions need to be asked.

  1. Give your recommendation

When giving me a review, as a critique, you need to answer this question: can you recommend this book to other readers. An excellent way to do this is to compare it with other books in its genre or other authors who have written similarly.


When writing a book review for a non-fiction book, you can put recommendations on the title. Was it enjoyable or not? Another thing about the non -fiction compared to fiction is that the critic will mention their book’s expectations.

Some more tips to consider when writing a book review include; have an opinion.

  • Your opinion matters. Even if it states, you did not love the book. State it very clearly and say why.
  • Make your stand very clear from the beginning
  • You should back up all the points you make
  • Provide all the details needed.
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Always make a point of learning from others.

The work of writing book reviews can be a gratifying experience. If you are a book lover, you get to guide other readers.