The good news is that thanks to the fact that the card game Blackjack is so very popular, we can find it on the website of perhaps every online operator that offers its players a live casino. Often you can even choose from several variants of blackjack games just the one that suits you. Blackjack is another game that we can find in the menu of perhaps every online casino on whose website we can find the live casino section. Blackjack is also very popular in our region, and it has been for a very long time. It is a solid part of the offer of every casino, but it does not only apply to online casinos themselves, but it can also be found in almost every land-based casino. Her long history is also evidenced by the fact that she played already in 18. in the XVIII century at the French royal court. The rules of blackjack are quite simple, but first of all it is necessary to find out which type of roulette will suit you the most. There are quite a large number of types of roulette that differ from each other and it is up to you which one you choose.

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games that we can meet nowadays. This game has managed to build a really solid place in casinos around the world. This applies not only to online casinos, but also to land-based ones. Blackjack has enjoyed high popularity for a really long time, in America, a lot of players liked it already in the mid-19. century. However, this huge popularity, of course, did not remain only on the territory of America, but was able to spread, basically, to the whole world. Thanks to this, today the card game Blackjack is actually an integral part and the so-called” mandatory equipment ” on the menu of perhaps every online casino that is serious about its activities in this highly competitive market.

If you are interested in the card game blackjack and would like to play it on the website of any of the online operators, first of all you should definitely know its rules. So how is blackjack actually played? First of all, we will indicate where Blackjack is played. Whether you are in a land-based casino or on the internet, blackjack should always be played at a semi-circular table. At one end of this table, you should find the dealer who leads the game and basically controls it. It deals, collects and shuffles cards, accepts your bets and pays out any winnings you may have.

You can usually find from 2 to 8 players at a blackjack table. Interestingly, the players at the table are not playing against each other, but against the dealer, that is, against the casino that this dealer at the table represents.

Since Blackjack is a card game, it would certainly be useful to indicate which cards are actually played.

Blackjack is played with classic Joker cards that have values from 2 to 10 and j, q, k and ace. Cards with numerical values have a value that is indicated on them. Cards j, q and K have a value of 10, and an ace is a card that has an exceptional position in the game of blackjack, since it basically has two values. These values are 1 and 11.