Bucks nights have been a tradition for decades. Friends of the groom consider it a proper way to send off their friend into marriage. There are many different ways of celebrating a Bucks party in Melbourne, with some people preferring to host them at bars, some hosting them in Airbnb’s and other locations. The main aim of these parties is to bond with the groom one last time in a boys-only party before he gets married. Here is a guide on how you can plan the most memorable bucks night ever.

1. First, Get the groom’s approval

On most occasions, the best man is usually the one who plans the bucks party, often without the knowledge of the groom. However, it is important to get the groom to agree to the party details first before making any preparations. The organizer should be aware of the groom’s taste, the things he likes to do, his favorite venues and drinks, so that he can organize a party that the groom will enjoy. However, you shouldn’t disclose all the details of the party, to keep the suspense. Details such as the location, date, and time of the event should be kept a secret, and the groom shouldn’t be aware of the situation.

2. Organize with the groomsmen

Once you get the groom’s approval, it is time to organize the event. A bucks party can be attended by the groom’s childhood friends and groomsmen: those close to him. You may want to limit the number to a few close friends, say 10 so that the event doesn’t turn into a big party. It’s meant to be a send-off, a night of doing all the things the groom could do with his freedom before getting married. Therefore, make sure the friends you invite know him and are willing to chip in and be present to make his bucks party memorable.

3. Get quotations

The third step to organizing a good bucks party is budgeting. Get two friends and plan out the activities of the day, and then proceed to source for quotes from several venues. If you feel this might be a hassle, you can hire a bucks event company to handle the workload involved in planning. Don’t settle on one venue. Once you have a list of things you’d like to do with the groom, check for quotes from at least 3 companies to get a rough draft of how much you will need to spend. It is crucial to check the customer reviews of a bucks party event company before committing to them, to ensure you won’t experience any inconveniences on the day of the event.

4. Contact the Party Group

Once you have finished doing preparations on paper, you need to start taking action. This involved contacting all the group members who are to attend the party and confirming their availability. You should also inform them of the total cost of the bucks party and how much they are to contribute towards it. Do this about one or two months in advance so that you have everything ready at least 2 weeks before the event. Proper communication in advance is crucial. Send them details about the address and time of the party, the drinks that will be served, and the expenses, and ask if any of them may have special requests for the set date. Don’t forget to include your payment details so that they can send in their contributions early enough.

5. Follow up

About two weeks before the bucks party, send out a reminder email to the groomsmen just in case any of them forgot. By this point, you should have already formed a group with all the members to make communication easier. Since you’re dealing with friends, some of them might slack off when it comes to making contributions, and this can ruin your plans if you need to prebook the venue. Do personal follow-ups with the members to ensure everything runs smoothly until the day of the bucks party.

6. Have fun.

Lastly, the main reason for holding a bucks party is to have fun one last time with the groom before his wedding day. Most people prefer to set the bucks party on the night before the wedding, but it would be more fun to have it at least a week or two before the wedding date, to ensure the groom is in perfect condition on the wedding day.

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