While the Apple Watch has been one of the most anticipated Apple products ever, its competitors definitely make it hard to be completely unique. Below is a layout of the features of the Apple Watch along with some of its competitors.

Apple Watch:

  • Available in three different models- Apple Watch, Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition
  • Two different sizes for each model
  • Numerous leather and metal wristbands sold separately from the watch itself
  • Apple Watch falls between $549.00 to $1,099.00
  • Watch Sport ranges from $349.00 to $399.00
  • Apple Watch Edition available in rose gold and white gold; ranges from $10,000 to $17,000

 Coming as no surprise, Android is their biggest competitor. Google recently launched its own wearable tech, Android Wear along with other watches that are compatible with Androids.

Samsung Gear S

  • The newest model of the Samsung wearable tech
  • Bluetooth, wireless and 3G connectivity available allowing it to function as a smartphone- you can receive phone calls, texts, emails, and other notifications
  • Includes fitness tools, music player, and camera
  • $349.99 – less expensive than most of the Apple Watch options
  • Only compatible with Samsung smartphones- include the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Mega
  • Other versions: Gear Fit for $199.99, the Gear 2 Neo for 169.99 and the Gear 2 for 299.99

Samsung Gear Live

  • One of the biggest competitors to the Apple Watch
  • Do not need a Samsung smartphone to use
  • Runs on Google’s new Android Wear operating system– compatible with any Android smartphone running version 4.3 or higher
  • It’s less expensive than both the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S with a pricetag of $199.99

LG G Watch R

  • Runs on Google’s Android Wear operating system
  • Double the storage capacity of the Apple Watch
  • The style isn’t as appealing as others –  chunkier and masculine
  • $249.00

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Apple Watch vs. Android Wear:

There are few things that separate the Apple Watch from Android Wear but now that Android finally has its biggest competitor on the market, it can easily compete and add more to their repertoire.

  • Apple Watch supports the use of over 3,000 apps
  • Android Wear only offers a few dozen compatible apps


Attractiveness ends up becoming one of the deciding factors for these smartwatches because, for the most part, they all function the same way.

  • Apple Watch
    • Sleek look
    • Offers three different models in two different sizes
    • Can choose among numerous colors and styles for the wristbands- custom styles
  • Android Wear
    • Similar sleek look
    • Offers many different styles
    • Fewer options to customize within the styles

The biggest rumor going around right now is that Android Wear will soon be compatible with iOS. This would completely change the market of wearable tech because more people will start buying Android Wear since it has proven to be less expensive.

It’s safe to say that the Apple Watch is simply joining the wearable tech party, not necessarily redefining it. There have been no official sales numbers yet, but it is rumored that the Apple Watch has hit 1 million in sales. If this is true, then the Apple Watch topped the Android Wear sales from all of 2014 in just a couple months.

Android Wear may not have it now but they can easily match all that the Apple Watch offers within the next year- especially when it comes to aesthetics and usability. Look out for the competition to continue, as it is only just getting started.