When you think of social media, what platform comes to mind? Facebook. The site set the pace for most social media platforms we have today. Hence, it is the reason why everyone uses Facebook.

One of the things that people love about this site is the security. Users know that hackers have a difficult time hacking into their Facebook accounts. If they try to, Facebook has a way of alerting the user without the hacker’s knowledge. Additionally, you can set up a two-step verification method, which even makes it even harder.

But not today.

You can hack anybody’s Facebook, see what messages he or she is sending to his or her friends without needing their passwords. If you want to know how you can do it, then you have come to the right place. We will show you how to hack someone’s Facebook messages free using Spyier.

Why you need to hack the account

Because Facebook is safe, people take advantage of the site. They will use their messaging service to hide vital information from the public. Nevertheless, some people could be using the site for the wrong reasons.

For instance, your child could be using the site to text strangers, or even send indecent pictures and clips to other people. If it is not that, your spouse could spend most of their time on their Facebook inbox, and you want to know who they are texting; alternatively, it could be a coworker or employee who is using company property for the wrong reasons.

Although it looks ‘stalker-ish,’ it certainly is not. You have all the rights to know what is happening in that inbox if it is affecting you in one way or another.

Spyier is the solution you need


The spy market is becoming popular. Many apps are coming because people are spending more time using their smartphones. Why should you choose Spyier?

Primarily, since you may have different options to choose from, let us explain why you need

to try out Spyier. First, the app is a reliable site. Millions of users around the world use this site for monitoring Facebook accounts and other users.

Besides that, reviews from major online brands such as iGeeksBlogs, TechRadar, Life Wire, and many others, suggest that the brand is a go-to spy app for everyone.

Here is how you install it

Before you start the installation process, one thing is inevitable. You need to sign up by Spyier. Go to the site and create an account. A setup wizard appears, prompting you to enter an email address or the cloud ID if it is an iPhone.


Choose a suitable payment plan. The app requires monthly payments. You can choose whichever suits your spying needs. If you want to monitor several devices, be sure to choose the corporate or family plan. That will suffice. Premium plans are for individuals that are only interested in one target device.

The other steps are easy to follow; so, you should not experience any problems. If you do, you can contact the Spyier customer support.

Your next task is to acquire the device. The benefit of this app is that it does not require much space. A few MBs worth of space will do. On top of that, you do not need to jailbreak your iPhone or root your android device. Hence, it is safe to use since it is compatible.

Download the app and log in using the email you used to create the account. From then on, the app goes into stealth mode. It operates from the background unnoticed.

Spy on the target device’s Facebook inbox


You can now access the user dashboard from anywhere. Spyier allows you to monitor everything remotely without needing the phone again. By the way, other than viewing threads, it can also keep records of deleted messages, which is a good thing.

It is also good to note that Spyier has multiple functions when you look at the user dashboard. You can also monitor the target device’s activities if you are interested in seeing that too.


Spying on a person’s Facebook account has never been this easy. Ensure that you use a reliable app that will keep you in tabs even when you are busy doing other things. Spyier provides that for most users, that is why millions rely on it.

With this app, you do not need the other person’s password to see his or her messages. Nevertheless, you can use the keylogger details to see their password details if you want them.