Nowadays, you can send faxes without a fax machine. Numerous online fax services are available to manage your fax communications. It will help you to use a paperless system. You can use the free services of Gmail to send and receive faxes.

There is no specific fax feature in Gmail to send and receive faxes. You will need a reliable online fax provider for faxing. See these options to make things easy for you.

CocoFax (Recommended)

To receive fax free from Gmail, you are recommended to use CocoFax. You can start using this service without paying any money. Just enter your email address and get a free fax number. You will get a 30-day free trial period to evaluate their features.

After 30 days, you have to upgrade your plan. Numerous plans are available as per your convenience. You can get the advantage of encrypted and secure faxing without any set-up fee. CocoFax can protect your documents from prying eyes.

You will get a free fax number by CocoFax to manage your faxing. It is a cost-effective service to avoid the expense of in-house fax servers and fax machines. Feel free to view and store your faxes online without any hardware or software.

Send Fax from Gmail

Millions of users like CocoFax because they can send their faxes through Gmail, computer or smart devices. Remember, CocoFax will become a translator between telephonic signals and a digital platform.

It is not easy to send faxes directly from Gmail. If you are using CocoFax, things will become easy for you. Numerous platforms, such as Life Hacker, Top 10 Reviews, iGeeksBlog, PCMag and countless others recommend the use of CocoFax for its unique features.

CocoFax facilitates the best solution through Gmail. It is a secure method to send faxes without any trouble. You can turn your laptops, mobile devices and computers into a faxing device. If you want to send faxes through Gmail, you will need these things:

· A Gmail Account

· A secure internet connection

· Fax number (Get a free number from CocoFax)

· CocoFax account

You have to compose an email to prepare a cover for your fax. In the attachment section, you can attach your fax document as a PDF file, jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx and doc. Make sure to combine a fax number with Remember, you will get notification of sent and received faxes in your inbox. Receiving faxes can be easier than sending faxes. Make sure to use a similar email address to forward all faxes. With CocoFax, you can send faxes through outlook fax, yahoo fax and other email services.

Check Status of Faxes

You will receive notifications about sent and received faxes in your inbox. If the fax is unsent, its reason can be an issue at the end of the receiver. Make sure that the fax machine of the sender must be on. Try to resend your faxes again. Before resending a fax message, you have to double-check the number of the receiver. You have to add at the end of your fax number. There is no need to have a 24/7 internet to receive faxes. You can check your email of received fax as per your convenience.


If you don’t need a monthly or yearly plan, you can choose WiseFax. You will need Google Chrome to use this service. Check the extension page of WiseFax and tap on the link. Tap on “Add to Chrome” and use this extension.

After installing an extension, you can access the web page of WiseFax and get a fax number. To send a fax, you can click on a button at the bottom of this page. Feel free to open a Mac Finder (window) or Windows File Explorer to choose a document.

You can select a document and tap open to upload. Make sure to choose a country and fax number. Remember, you will need a Gmail address to sign into this service. To send a fax, you have to purchase fax tokens.

To make purchases, you have to enter details of your debit and credit card. Enter the name of the card number, cardholder name, security code, billing address and expiration date to complete a purchase. Feel free to tap on other methods of payment, such as Amazon or PayPal.