Year in year out, teachers teach students on the curriculum and necessary life skills to prepare for a better life after school. Educators know these life skills and teach students these skills in the normal classroom setup. You can buy research paper cheap to know for sure what skills you need in 2020. Or simply read this article. Here are essential life skills and how teachers can teach their students.


This skill is vital since graduation. A student needs to persuade an employer to hire them and persuade co-workers to listen and possibly adopt their point of view. To teach students how to convince others starts by examining different methods utilized to persuade, such as political campaigns and advertising.

Emotional intelligence 

This skill has been essential but got identified recently as a vital leadership skill. This skill consists of empathy, social skills, motivation, self-regulation, and self-awareness. It is about managing one’s emotions, and it is essential for students. All human beings have emotions; however, learning to tackle them and others’ emotions is equally important.

Willingness to learn 

Others denote this skill as a growth mindset and are associated with emotional intelligence. Beyond the classroom or screen for virtual lessons, students will come across situations where they did not have the skills to start and finish a task or learn something new. Therefore, willing to learn a new skill and make students’ lives better.

Problem-solving skills

When students encounter a challenge, their solution is either to copy other works or quit. To cultivate these skills, teachers should open and free environment where students can seek assistance or ask questions.

Creative thinking 

Beyond graduation, students should be able to think for themselves and think creatively. They should develop ideas that contribute to their own or come up with creative solutions to the challenges they face. To students, this is complex. A solution to this is to provide students with projects and do an assessment.


It is a valuable skill to teach students how to communicate effectively and the importance. With the proliferation of social media coupled with ease of access, students interact more with their smartphones than people. Whereas digital communication is essential, students still need to learn in-person communication.


It is the capability to work with others, but most students do not like it since they involve group projects. Like students, teachers also do not like group projects because it is difficult to assess who does the work. The best method for students to collaborate in a group without being present is to use platforms such as Google Docs to share information and receive feedback.

Design and Coding 

Technology is forwarding innovative technologies; therefore, students who possess the design and coding skills will have an advantage in the job market. The design and coding is a new skill even to teachers, so teachers have to learn first before they can be in a position to teach students.


The organization is not only an essential skill but also involving. It begins with knowing how an individual student learns and assisting them to be successful. The majority of new students report to school terrified.


A student needs to know the necessary maintenance skills. Maintenance skills include using science class or shop class to learn how to change the car oil.