Rome was not built in a day” which quotes success needs time and hard work . Analogously getting traffic on a site, blog won’t be possible in short time.

Building steps leading to the ultimate Goal is important. These steps in this case are nothing but how will you make the world know about your existence of your site.

You must have heard the concept of SEO which basically decides the ranking of your page or site.

Now everyone must be aware with online SEO although to sum up what SEO is , it is an optimization engine which goes through the content of your page and decides how relevant is it to the users.

Online SEO consists of expanding your site through making more user friendly site, using attractive UI design, the content should be good, etc. Achieving online branding is well known to us.

But as it is said “The columns are required to make ceiling strong” . Similarly to increase the traffic or to promote the site online as well as offline branding are important. Online branding has become common now, adding up the offline branding would add more weightage to the ranking process.

What is Offline Branding ?

Let us understand what exactly offline branding is,

Suppose a person named Ben opened an accessory store in his city. And started an online business regarding the same.

Since his opening he started to promote his site online to attract people and to get good sales. After all these there was no sales and no positive response through online promotion also.

Wonder where ben went wrong , he forgot to do offsite promotion.

If the people staying in the city have no idea about the store nor the site even when Ben is promoting it there’s no use of this kind of promotion. To increase sales Ben should adopt some techniques starting off with gaining the trust of the local people and then go for online.

How to do Offline Branding ?

The things which ben can do to lift up the sales are may be try to attract the local customers by giving an advertisement in the local newspaper through which he can connect up to the citizens.

Since it is the opening of the store not much people will be excited to give a visit so it’s the responsibility of ben he should put up an excellent advertisement such as offering 50% discount on the price or first 100 customers will get a gift or giving out a coupon.

This will give a initial boost to the customers and they’ll visit the store understand what type of accessories are present their qualities, price so that next time they can visit without any hesitation.

While selling goods in the store , he should interact with them learn about what they’d like to have in the store to increase the sales online.

Get to know the local bloggers or writers give a visit and ask them to review your store online and they can add the link to your online platform. If the reader likes the review by using the link he can connect to ben and even may end up buying something.

Find out the local YouTubers give them some stuff and ask them to review it if they like the products this will increase the online traffic considering YouTube is an influential market and mention to link your site this will increase the rank of your site.

Ben can even post about the accessories on his social media accounts and link his site there.


All these things are called offline branding where you are attracting traffic to your own site by adding up links, promoting it through someone’s channel, blog , account etc.

To sum it up offline branding is as important as online branding , it brings a lot more traffic to the site then online branding. Making use of proper strategies one can get to the peak.