Nowadays, PDF forms are mostly used as online forms as they are easy to fill, portable and secured. Therefore, we should be aware of doing different operations of such PDF forms. Today, in this article, we will be discussing how to edit and fill PDF form & answer trending question i.e. how to edit text in a fillable PDF form. Along with this, we have also covered the way to fill out those PDF forms which are secured or protected.

What are the Different Types of PDF Forms

We can classify forms in two categories

1) Fillable Forms:-If a PDF document allows you to type data into it, then these types of PDF forms are known as fillable forms.

2) Non-Fillable Forms(Flat Forms):- Many of the PDF forms are not fillable these type of forms are known as Non-Fillable forms. For filling these types of the form you should take the printout of the form and fill it by hand

Quick Solution to Modify PDF Form Fields

There are various tools to edit text in PDF forms but, for efficient and better results use the tool named SysTools PDF Form Filler. This tool can help you with filling PDF forms. Also, this tool provides additional features to export, clear, edit and fill PDF forms. Follow the steps given below to edit text in a fillable pdf form using tool

  • Download and Install Adobe PDF Form Filler Software
  • Click File to select the PDF Document
  • Preview PDF Form with highlighted fields
  • Click Clear All Data to Erase PDF Form data
  • Fill Data in PDF Form having highlighted fields
  • Next, Click on Save As PDF

Advantages of Using this Tool to Edit Text in PDF Form

There are several advantages of using this tool to edit text in a fillable PDF form some of them are mentioned below

1) Easy to use:- It is very easy to edit and fill PDF form using this tool because it performs the task without any complications

2) Lifetime subscription:- Get the lifetime subscription of the tool once get purchased. Visit the link for a free demo.

3) User-Friendly Interface:- This application is made in such a convenient way that even a novice user can use it without having much knowledge.

4)Additional Features:- Apart from modify PDF form the software provides additional functionalities. It includes Export Form Data to save all the data in PDF form in .fdf file format, Clear all Data to remove all the content of the pre-filled form.

How to Edit Text in a Fillable PDF Form Having Restrictions

First, to edit text in pdf form having restrictions we have to remove the security from the PDF document. To do so you can use many methods but for efficient and better results you can use PDF Unlocker Tool. The software enables to remove permission password from PDF document. Also, it can remove user-level password but, initially the user has to enter this password.

You can follow the steps given below to unlock your PDF document using this tool:-

  • Install & Run theAdobe PDF Unlocker Tool
  • Now, click the Unlock Button
  • Browse PDF file to remove restrictions
  • View Permissions associated with PDF
  • Click the Browse to select the destination location
  • Hit, Unlock PDF button to remove PDF restrictions

Note: After unlocking the PDF to edit text in PDF form follow the same steps above for editing PDF.

Bringing it All Together

In order to know about PDF operations in this section, we discussed ways to edit and fill PDF form. We answered important questions i.e how to edit text in a fillable PDF form and how to modify PDF form if it is secured/protected. Users may take reference from this blog to edit text in pdf form.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What happens if I fill the wrong contents in the form?

Ans: PDF form editor provides a handy option Clear All Data to clear PDF form data. Once all the data is erased, then you can again refill the form.

Q: Are the above methods to edit and fill PDF form are applicable for Non-Fillable PDF files?

Ans: No, the above techniques can only be used with fillable Adobe PDF forms.

Q: Are my documents safe after filling the PDF form with this PDF form filler software?

Ans: After modifying the PDF form, the software saves the form containing restrictions. So your data on the form remains protected and secure.

Q: Are the above methods edit text in a fillable PDF form?

Ans: Yes, with the help of the above techniques you can edit text in pdf form.