You have developed the interest of flying drones, and you are a novice. During your initial research for the ideal drone for novices, you will find a lot of them. However, the drones made by DJI seem to stand apart from the crowd.

There is no denying; DJI has become the pioneer in this arena. From state-of-the-art drones to the entry-level ones, they have something for everyone. DJI Mavic Mini, for all the right reasons, should be the first drone for beginners. Let us probe deeper for a better understanding.

Mavic Mini- Resembling a toy but with cool features

Its size perfectly justifies the name of the drone. What more, you also do not need to involve in the hassles of registering it with the FAA. Mavic Mini weighs 249g, which is below the mandatory registration weight. For the inexperienced, such lightweight UAV is a good option. Yes, it makes the drone fragile, but the manufacturer has taken care so that it does not bear a cheap look.

As a beginner, you would like to spend more time with the drone. Mavic Mini does not disappoint. DJI has set high standards when we talk about flight time and flight range. The Mini guarantees at least 25 minutes of pure fun. DJI missed a trick here, though. As you can expect, beginners handling drones will lead the quadcopter to frequent collisions, but DJI did not include any collision sensors to it. The only good thing, its downward-facing sensors helps it to avoid colliding and injuring people.

Flying experience is bliss

Controlling remote control is easy. There are a host of functions that should not take too long for the beginner to grasp. It is important to remember not to lose sight of the drone while flying. You will also appreciate the inbuilt video editor included in the DJI app. With its help, you can download clips taken from the drone and customize them with your preferred music. Once complete, you can share it to social media networks.

Furthermore, the three options in the app sport, position, and CineSmooth will let you experiment with the drone at various speeds and functionalities. As a novice, you will have the time of your life switching between these settings.

The shooting experience is surprisingly good

The entry-level Mavic Mini lets you explore the shooting basics with a drone. DJI keeps it simple, and thus the drone camera does not contain any particular feature to make it intricate. As a beginner, you are not expecting professional outcomes. Therefore, the camera offers the right features, with which you should be starting with aerial photography.

The perfect ingredients for a beginner

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Mavic Mini is the best friend of the beginners. You will find it super-easy shooting videos and pictures with it. The biggest plus is, DJI randomly rolls out updates that boost the aspiring drone enthusiast significantly. During your initial interaction period with a drone, you will prefer a straightforward product. Mavic Mini is ready to fly and does not require any assembly. So, you can start experimenting with it in your backyard. It will not pinch a hole in your pocket, even if it crashes and becomes irreparable.

Ignore its limitations

It would help if you did not have too many high expectations, in case you get an adrenaline rush looking at some of the advanced drones. It is robust and, at the same time lightweight, and effortless to control. Its weight is its main drawback, as you will find it hard to control in windy conditions. Nevertheless, for starters, DJI Mavic Mini has all the bells and whistles to set you on the right track. Once you hone your skills, you can move towards trying the next level of quadcopters. Till then, let Mavic Mini remain your friend, philosopher, and guide.