Meteorites regularly disturb our planet. Most often these are small objects that burn out in the atmosphere without causing us any harm – it is very rare to notice a faint flash from them far in the sky. Some quite large meteorites explode in the atmosphere, generating strong shock waves and showering with thousands of fragments on the surface of the planets.

Sometimes large debris, such as the Tunguska meteorite, falls to the ground, destroying all life in a radius of many kilometers. Obviously, the last two types of meteorites usually cause damage to all living things indirectly – by shock waves, fires, etc. But was there a case when a meteorite directly hit its victim? There is the only one similar case in history known to us was recorded when a meteorite directly hit a person. The name of this «lucky one” is Anne Hodges.

On February 20, 1954, in the quiet, provincial town of Silacoga, Alabama, Ann Hodges dozed on the couch in the afternoon. Everything happened instantly: a black stone the size of a palm pierced the roof of the house, rebounded from the wall and touched Ann, leaving a huge wound in the lower abdomen.

Later, the interviewed Silakogi citizens said they saw a bright trail in the sky surrounded by smoke, after which there was a pop. Despite the rumors in the town – aliens attack, tricks of the Soviet Union – the geologists who arrived at the scene identified: without any doubts, a small meteorite got into the house.

The injured Anne Hodges was immediately transferred to the hospital, where she was provided with the necessary assistance. The victim of the meteorite was lucky – the stone hit her on a tangent, so the woman quickly got well. After this incident, she became famous: after all, the probability that a meteorite will directly hit you is much less than winning a million in online casino King Billy several times in a row. Ann later passed the meteorite to the Museum of Natural History, where it is stored to this day…

Author: Serg Dum

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