Hair is never just hair, it is so much more. It can be your pride, your act of rebellion, your strength, your weakness, and your everything, but it is never nothing. Hair can change your life, which is why you spend so much time on it, getting it cut, colored, blow-dried, styled, etc.

That is why losing your hair can be quite upsetting because it is an important part of your identity. Hair loss has several psychological impacts and does not only affect your self-esteem but also takes a toll on your interpersonal relationships at the workplace or in your milieu.

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It may come as a surprise, but every 3 out of 5 people are victims of hair loss and millennials are an especially bad case. While men have a greater deal of trouble with it, due to hormonal differences in contrast to women, upcoming generations are more prone to hair loss due to stress, diets, and unhealthy environments.

Hair loss solutions have thus flooded the markets, online and otherwise. The difficulty does not lie in choosing between laser therapy or salon hair replacements, it is rather choosing between hair transplant and hair replacement.

While hair transplant may seem like a long-term solution, there are plenty of side-effects and the procedure is pretty expensive. Custom hair replacement systems, on the other hand, are the way to go. No, we are not talking of the archaic toupees and wigs, but of hair systems which are so much more sophisticated and cost-effective. Here is everything you need to know about custom hair replacement systems:

Au Naturale

While the aversion to wigs results from the desire to look ‘natural’, you may be surprised by how hair replacement systems are revolutionizing and becoming organic. They are made from human hair and are customized according to your taste and comfort, but the product quality heavily rests on the supplier or salon you chose. They are often undetectable, light-weight, and comfortable to wear since they are made of breathable material.

Bid Surgery Adieu

Surgical hair transplants quite often run the risk of side-effects post-surgery. The process involves cutting into the scalp, which may cause infections and other minor complications. Furthermore, suitable donor hunting is a taxing affair and requires plenty of patience in this fast-paced world.

Lose Stress, Not Time

While hair transplant is an onerous process, requiring plenty of patience and time from finding donors to getting the surgery done, hair systems are your immediate friends in need. If you are looking for immediate and/or temporary hair solutions, the process is hassle-free and time-preserving.

Easy on the Wallet

Unlike the lengthy process of hair transplant which requires thorough medical procedures and are high maintenance post-surgery, the simpler hair replacement alternative comes to the rescue. Not only is it smooth and immediate, but it is also not too pocket-pinching.

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Hair System Myths are so Passé

Contrary to popular beliefs and rumors, hair systems are always transforming and they have been busting age-old myths. Unlike other alternatives like wigs, this solution will never limit you from swimming or pursuing other adventure sports. Let your confidence fly like your hair in the wind!