Cognitive theory works out to be a great platform in order to deal with human theory but means to clarify human behaviour by a level of understanding. It would not be a matter of surprise that low rate of unemployment along with poor growth skills has paved a deficit for quality candidates in a job environment. As per a survey conducted, nearly 40% of organizations face a talent crunch in their organizations.

When it comes to talent shortage the thing that comes to the fore is that you do not possess sufficient talent to run your organization. This leads to a situation where an organization need to recruit candidates who do possess a certain level of knowledge along with a fair understanding of the skills in order to excel in a given job environment.

Now as things stand how does an organization figure out that they have gone on to recruit quality hires? This leads to a formulation where the focus is on assessments on what a candidate is capable of learning and not assessing your correct skills. To be precise, cognitive ability assessment will suffice the needs in a big way. As a hiring manager, you are going to keep in mind the cognitive ability of a candidate. You have to figure out what it is and why organizations are keener towards this trait.

Why an organization has to care about cognitive assessments

As per inputs available companies that have gone on to implement cognitive ability tests have reaped substantial rewards in the long run. It would be fair to say that they have reaped spectacular return on their investments. There is another school of thought on why assessments need to be part of the recruitment process. For this reason it is suggested that you need to implement assessments in the early stage of the hiring process. If you administer them early you are bound to lose out on potential candidates who did miss out on the pre- screening stage.

The cognitive tests are more of a pre – employment test where you go on to measure the ability of an individual to solve problems. A major chunk of this information is available from research that cognitive ability is the best pointer of job performance and it demonstrates ability that you might be successful in a given job.

Nearly 24% of employees are expected to perform beyond their expected levels in a given job, 17% might rate themselves to be highly engaged and 36% would be satisfied with the quality of hires as compared to business that are not into pre- employment hiring.

To put it in clear terms, cognitive ability is twice to figure out the performance of employees as compared to job interviews. This means three times in the same class as with the required job experience. The onus of hiring managers is that they go on to look at quality hires and not on variables that do not anticipate achieving a desired level of success.

The role of cognitive assessments in the process of recruitment

In modern times a person who possesses the required experience along with qualification is not merely suitable for a job. To figure out whether a candidate is suitable for a job role you have to evaluate the critical and verbal reasoning of a candidate. The entire process is undertaken by the process of cognitive assessment.

You can figure out that a test is more about filtering out candidates during the process of an interview; the individuals who are low on the score would be filtered out. Another approach is to figure out the type of assessment that enables an organization in order to expand the candidate pipeline that goes on to score the exams.

There is no denying the fact that certain key pointers cannot be answered on a one on one basis during an interview process. It would be fairly difficult on your part to figure out whether a candidate is an effective decision maker , problem solver in relation to the role offered, you have to incorporate cognitive hiring pretty much as part of the process of hiring.

This does go on to incorporate the mental abilities of a candidate and even his verbal skills come to the fore. This clearly goes on to demonstrate on how quick they are able to show mental keenness in order to pick up a particular skill set. During the course of recruiting someone work experience is an area that you have to address. When it boils down to the situation of campus hiring or paid internships the experience of the candidate is something to be redundant. Considering the work experience of the candidate, aptitude test is one of the best measures in order to outline the success of a candidate in a given job.

The cognitive tests are a precise indicator on how a candidate is expected to perform in a job in the days to come. When you invest in them it does provide you with an opportunity on running choices as far as filling of vacancies are concerned. This also means that the business has an ability to expand the overall horizon whereby you go on to reduce the employee turnover.

Organizations are expected to benefit fully from well trained and organized employees. As far as the formal organization development of a company is concerned, the development of an employee is related to the professional objectives of a company. A candidate who demonstrates quick learning abilities pick up the traits that are needed on a job fairly quickly.


There is no reason to perceive that cognitive ability is being frequently used with the term intelligence but works out to be a blessing in disguise for industrial and commercial establishments. As far as measuring the ability of a candidate for a given job is concerned, you do have a fair idea on what cognitive assessment is all about.