Are you also among those users who are searching for the solution to remove security from PDF file? Do you have protected PDF that cannot be copied, printed, edited, etc? Then, read the blog because here we have given the best solution to change secured PDF to normal PDF document. The solutions given here are most suitable for resolving the query. But, before that know more about PDF security.

Many users don’t know exactly what all restrictions could a user set on a file to make it secure. Let’s brief you about that. Particularly, two types of PDF security are present. The first type is User-Locked, which makes it inaccessible for other users as the password is required to open such files. The second one is owner locked PDF which revokes editing capabilities for document viewers, like not giving permission to copy, edit, print, comment, sign, etc.

Mainly, because PDF is having the ability to control its viewer, making it an ideal format for crucial documents, for example, legal documents, trade contracts or sometimes personal documents, which includes Aadhaar card or pan card, etc. But, sometimes the security on these PDF documents needs to be changed or removed. So, in this write-up, we have discussed different techniques that will help users to change secured PDF to normal PDF document.

Ways To Unlock Secured PDF with Password & Restrictions

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As the users of the both of the platform, whether we talk about Windows or Mac, have the same query i.e. how to convert secured PDF to unsecure PDF. So, we will cover the methods here in this post. If we see in a broad term then, using two methods, we can perform such conversions. And, Manual method is the first one which most of the users want to go for. But it has its own limitations so more advisable method is a third party tool which gives more liberty to the user. Let’s have a look at the method to change secured PDF to normal PDF / regular PDF.


Google Chrome As A Rescuer

Certainly, Google Chrome’s feature, Print, can easily be used to remove security from PDF file. Both Windows and Mac users can use it to convert secured PDF to regular PDF:

1- Open Google Chrome and then open password-protected PDF.
2- Tap on the Print Icon first and then after on Change button, using your mouse.
3- Select the Save as PDF option. Then after clicking on the Save button.
4- Finally, you have successfully saved this new document without any security.

Limitation Associated With This Method

1. Though this method is successful to unlock secured PDF with password and restrictions, but in case PDF is print restricted then it will turn into a failed attempt.

2. Secondly, It’s not meant for batch processing in which more than one files are involved,

During such scenarios, one would be suggested to opt for a more reliable way, a third-party tool, which is promising in solving both the problems associated with Google Chrome method.

Automated Solution To Change Secured PDF To Normal PDF

Now, for those who are stuck with the limitation of Google Chrome Method has PCVITA PDF Restriction Remover Software as a savior.

It is an exemplary utility to unsecure a secured PDF. The software does not require the permission password to accomplish the process. Besides this, it removes all restrictions implied on PDF printing, editing, signing, copying, commenting, etc. Moreover, it has compatibility with Windows OS 10 & below versions as well. Along with this, being an independent solution it does not need any external application to undertake the process.

Steps to Convert Secured PDF to Regular PDF

For Windows Users

1. Run PDF Restriction Remover to remove security from PDF file

2. Browse and select PDF file to unlock restrictions

3. Permission status of the PDF will be shown here

4. Finally, we have successfully convert secured PDF to normal

For Mac Users

1. First, Install the Software, then, Run it.

2. Browse and specify PDF File you want to Remove Restrictions from.

3. Then it will allow you to Preview the Unlock Status

4. Finally, the tool will remove the Security & provide you Unlocked PDF File.

Final Words

How to change secured PDF To Normal PDF on any of the platforms, Mac or Windows OS, is the burning issue for maximum users. This blog has provided all of the best possible techniques to solve this predicament. The manual method has some constraints associated with it. So, we have presented one, more reliable tool, which has the ability to unlock secured PDF with password & restrictions even if that file is Print secured.

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