All eyes were on Las Vegas a couple weeks ago at the Consumer Electronics Show. The latest trends and popular products in technology were on display for the entire world to see. Now that we’ve had time to digest, here’s our Top Five from CES 2016.

I’m Up by Melely

This might be the perfect item for the woman in your life. Plain and simple, it combines two major necessities for most women: a makeup kit that doubles as a portable charger for your smartphone. And don’t worry if you need to replace that brush palette, you can refill with your favorite powders. Also, the compact comes equipped with a light ring to help you in situations where you need a makeup check. Keep your eye on this one as we’re sure this will be a hit as the year goes on.


Wired Beauty brings up Mapo, the world’s first connected beauty mask. The bread & butter of this product is its ability to quickly and efficiently know your skin and offer ways to boost its moisture. Most of you are probably asking how a facial mask can provide you with all this information. Well, the key is in the accompanying app which corresponds with the mask to point out all your problematic zones allowing you to provide extra moisture to your face where necessary. This product is only available via WB’s Kickstarter page. But it won’t be long before technology like this will be available through other outlets.


Imagine being able to see how that hairstyle will come out or how that shade of lipstick will work on your face all through an app? Modiface is a technology that powers a variety of beauty apps. Some of the more popular apps include skin care visualization, which utilizes skin and face mapping technology to simulate how beauty products will affect your skin. Other popular apps include hair simulation which allows you try out different hair styles based on a photo of you. Then there’s the virtual makeup makeover where you can either receive or 2D or 3D simulation detailing every facet of that makeover including texture, shine and finish.


Whether you’re Gluten Free by choice or medical need, this product is definitely going to revolutionize the way we consume our food. Named by TIME Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2015, Nima is portable and fast, giving you results in as little as two minutes. All you need to do is fill a small disposable capsule with food and the test strip analyzes to see if there’s any gluten. This is only beginning, who knows what else we would be able to test in our food in the future.

FitBit Blaze

CES nearly came to a halt with the news of a new Fitbit product, one that would certainly deliver a counter punch to the Apple Watch. Building on the success of their fitness trackers, the Blaze has been upgraded for 2016. In addition to tracking steps, heart rate and a built in GPS, the Blaze boasts interactive workouts on a touchscreen display, call & texts alerts and ability to control your music. Perhaps the biggest standout is the flexibility to make this product available for everyday use. The Blaze doesn’t necessarily need to be worn strictly for workouts. Alternating bands and clock faces also make this a stylish and chic option for heading out at night.