When it comes to looking for ways to improve your business or checking how your competition is doing you always need data to better understand what is going on. Web scraping is a powerful tool that is employed by many big companies because it can help them in a variety of ways. Many companies analyze the data through social media, competition websites, review websites and many other areas to stay ahead of the game and its most recent changes. You may be wondering about what areas you can apply web scraping as a solution.

Here are a few examples where you can consider web scraping an option:

1- Real estate house listing and pricing:

Many real estate agents utilize web scraping tools to help populate their website with the most recent home listings and even its prices. If you go into a real estate agency’s website chances are the homes you see are populated using a web scraping API. By using web scraping they can automatically gather the list of homes for sale in a specific area so they can take advantage of that information for their own business and act as the real estate agent for the listed properties.

2- Keep industry stats on check:

Website scraping is very useful for companies that gather data only to sell it to other companies. For example, a medical-related company can purchase data regarding the most recent changes or technology available for their industry and consider whether to apply it or not. Data is very useful for companies because they can find the pricing of products, the available products and even the reviews of said products, so they can use that data when considering adding those products to their catalog.

3- Lead generation:

Generating leads manually can be very time consuming and depending on the industry it can be very difficult. Web scraping can help in lead generation because it can also determine whether certain services are needed in a specified area, and be able to gather those people in need as potential customers. Many companies purchase leads from sites that gather this data to be able to use it at their advantage, and most likely those companies selling the leads are using web scraping APIs to gather their data.

4- Migrating a website:

When a company needs to migrate its current site to a more robust or modern environment is another area where web scraping can be applied. Many companies that have sensitive data such as government or healthcare-related may find the need to transition data from their legacy websites into a newer one. Web scraping can be employed to quickly export all the data from a legacy website into the newer site without too much hassle.

5- Social Media data analysis:

Many companies use social media data to better understand where they can improve their product or what their customers dislike from it. Web scraping can be utilized to easily gather social media data from websites such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to later analyze it and find areas of improvement. Checking every single review or comment of your business on your own can be just too much, and having a web scraping API assist you can give you this information in a cleaner and more understandable way, such as on a personal database or a spreadsheet.

6- Business directories:

Contact information gathering is another of the best ways you can use web scraping which allows you to gather information such as website, phone number, street address and much more. The contact information gathered is then saved to a database and then analyzed properly to provide the correct information of said businesses. Instead of manually writing down every piece of information of many businesses with a web scraping API you can easily gather a lot more data.

The examples above are just a few ways many business owners have found ways to apply and utilize data gathered from many websites, yet there are many other forms it can be applied. No matter if it is for competition research or to find flaws & ways to improve your product, getting a web scraping API to help you is a great idea and I strongly recommend you to try the API from Zenscrape, which offers a variety of benefits and ease of customization.

7- Legal reference for lawyers and law workers:

Getting case examples for legal workers is also another way web scraping can be applied. Many lawyers usually review past judgment reports to get more references for their cases. Web scraping can easily gather a variety of examples of past cases by area and by type of case if you properly search each specific term.