To communicate efficiently and securely to patients, healthcare services look for convenient technology and in compliance with rules and regulations. Secured text messaging is important as information associated with patient admission, discharge, patient care, etc. are transferred and leads to better continuity and care. Secure text messaging in hospitals is to comply with HIPAA or health insurance portability and accountability, act.


The messaging software that complies with HIPAA can help in secure messaging. The apps that are submissive to HIPAA are utilized amongst health care professionals, between patient and physician, for effective cross-clinical communication. These HIPAA messaging apps can be used for emails, secured text messaging, and other modes of transmission of messages. 

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Security of the apps


Secure messaging healthcare has become the primary requirement and almost all healthcare organizations follow it. Health care organizations comply with HIPAA in some ways. To agree with the receipt authentication safeguards, username and PIN code is necessary. This permits the secure messaging app to access the PHI and deliver an audit trail about the communication. These secured messaging permits the PHI to be linked with associated users and also the controls are designed in a manner not cross the organization’s boundary. There are many security features where administrators can delete or retract communications and also any authorized user can be removed from the network in case the mobile device is stolen or lost. 

Secured messaging benefits


Secured messaging healthcare is beneficial to the healthcare industry in several ways. The standard of patient healthcare is increased and also productivity is enhanced utilizing secured messaging apps. The read receipts and message delivery notifications are notable advantages in the app.  These features acknowledge the sends that the message has been delivered and to be followed by calls. 


The secure messaging apps possess texting features as in normal apps and a medical professional can attach videos, files, and images associated with their patients. These apps also help in prescription medicines to pharmacies. This, in turn, reduces the patients wait time.


The secured messaging healthcare has led to a collaboration which is an important benefit in healthcare. For enhanced quality, patient-centred accessible and safe care collaborative practice is mandatory. With the assistance of secured messaging the medical professionals from various departments unite regarding issues such as diagnoses, admissions, discharges, emergencies, and rehabilitation etc. 


Functions required for secured texting 


Though there are many text messaging healthcare tools available. These are a few important functions that need to be present in the tool or app. 

  • Alert and notification: 

The key advantage of secure texting is the instant communication between providers for treatment decisions so that they are made instant. With healthcare texting app it helps to track if messages are received. The secured messaging app should be one that possesses notification facilities to know if messages are read, delivered and acknowledged. 

  • Encryption: 

256-bit encryption is important for healthcare text messaging apps. For protected health information to be transmitted in a secured manner this is considered as the industry standard. It is also mandatory for encryption to protect the message when they are transferred and stored. 

  • Group communication: 

Any secured messaging healthcare app should possess the facility to send a single message to multiple people and also receive responses. This will help in cooperation in healthcare. 

  • Voice to text: 

There may be scenarios in healthcare where text messages can be longer or can be easy to dictate rather than typing. For such cases, the secured messaging app should possess voice to text feature for easy messaging. 

  • Integration:

Some providers provide smartphones and tablets for professionals and in certain settings; the professionals bring their own devices. In such cases, the secure messaging system should handle and integrate both. There should also be a secured data transfer to any electronic technology system used.


These are a few important aspects to be present in any secure messaging healthcare app to be used today. These functions make sure that the transfer of information is safe and secure without any discrepancies.


There are many secured messaging healthcare apps like Halo, which comes with state of the art features for secure texting. Such apps avoid the complexities that are faced in healthcare niches. Health care communication is effective and improved and assists the patients from burnout, fatigue, and delays in care. These apps are accompanied with advanced features for clinical communication. 



With secured messaging healthcare apps, there is an improvement in healthcare coordination in the healthcare system. These apps help in faster communication avoids mistakes, collaborates healthcare team, decisions are made quick, etc. By complying with HIPAA safe and effective communication is achieved in healthcare settings. The usage of such apps is user-friendly and easy similar to normal text apps used. HIPAA messaging tools are hence considered best for communication amongst medical professionals.
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