All the educational, as well as academic courses, are available online to gain the maximum knowledge of the subject for a student. Course hero is not only an alternative for academic guidance. It is the US-based education website which services worldwide which provide a detailed specific course for a particular course.

Benefits of Educational websites

  • Course-specific domain- It is the major function of it in which students don’t have to depend upon the general information but can study it with great content in a simple language and courses are available for all the classes.
  • Step-Wise Explanation – It becomes easy for a weak child to study step by step, it helps in developing concepts with proper guidance.
  • Availability 24/7 – It values the time of the student and tutors are available 24/7 to help the students and no time dependency.
  • Experts Tutor – Students can learn from the experts of the industry from one portal which is impossible in physical education.

There are several Alternatives of the Coursehero like Quizlet, StudyBlue, Brainly, Brainscape, Enotes, StuDocu, Chegg, StudyStack, Docsity, My study Life, OneClass and many more.

  • OneClass – It is a note giving website which helps the students to read the upgraded notes and share with the friends. It is a Canadian famous website due to its quality as well as quantity and this impacted on the scores of the students. One class notes are available for both students as well as teachers.
  • Quizlet – It is an American based company which provides both website and mobile app for the convenience of the student. it works on various platforms like macOS, Windows, Android and IOS. It also provides notes in a different language so that more students can take benefits. It also gives you hobbies like computer games, cooking and travelling, it enhances the student interest due to its simple interface. And more than 90 % of students upgrade their grades with the help of this platform.
  • Chegg – It is the best platform in which students can take textbooks, guides on rent, it provides 90% discount on books. If you don’t have money for subscription, you can try to unblur chegg answers. It guides on various subjects like quantitative ability like algebra, percentage, partnerships, calculus, linear algebra and many detailed concepts. It provides a brief detail about the separate modules.
  • Brainly – It consists of the World largest community for students who have approximately 200 million students. It provides a messenger portal in which every student can ask for help and appropriate answers and students get scores according to it. This portal also helps the student to complete their homework. It has a specific feature where parents can also enrol themselves to analyze the performance of their child.
  • E-Notes – This educational website was developed in 1998 which are experts in the literature section. It is available in various platforms like IOS and android apps which helps the students to learn from everywhere and anywhere. Students have various options like downloading the quotes of Shakespeare, literature guide, home desk help, literature lesson plans and new study plans.
  • Docsity – The user interface of the Docsity website is very impactful and easily interacts with the students. There are various subscription plans like Docsity monthly plan($ 15.99), Quarterly plan($29.97) and yearly plan ($ 59.88). It has more than three lakh notes, four lakh plus questions and answers.
  • Study blue – It is an online education platform which can be accessed by college-going and school going students. You can easily download the app of StudyBlue from Google play store and apple play store. It helps in learning faster with the help of its interactive videos where you can clear your doubts.
  • Brain scape – It is a student memory sharpening website which helps the student to learn the stepwise concepts with the help of flashcards. It makes the studies faster and easier. It provides services World-wide and in all the web devices. It created notes by the industry experts and distributed them with the help of the latest technology. It has various social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Youtube and many more.
  • My Study Life – This education website provides various features like reminders, to-do list, tasks, scheduling and timetable. It is a well time managed website which helps the student to manage their time work according to it. The look and feel of the website are very eco-friendly.

Education plays a vital role in the development of the future of the child. Be specific while selecting any website because time, energy and efforts also matters.