OMR is the abbreviated form for Optical Mark Recognition, which is used to digitally collect data from all types of bubble OMR sheets and survey forms by scanning them and detecting the presence or absence of bubbles in particular rows and columns.

OMR software solutions are used in diverse fields and it is widely recognized for creating:

  • Survey forms
  • OMR tests
  • Product evaluation sheets
  • Feedback forms
  • Application forms
  • Admission forms
  • Lotteries and voting cards
  • Consumer surveys
  • Community surveys
  • Checklists
  • Olympiads and assessments

One of the most significant applications of OMR sheet checking software is in the education industry. Educational sectors such as schools and colleges go through numerous assessment and form related activities that take up a lot of time and manpower to get completed and yet accuracy is compromised. This is why OMR software is becoming the most sought after technology that is readily being integrated with the regular activities of educational bodies.

In schools OMR sheet checking software is used for multiple purposes such as:

Tests & Assessments– Regular formative assessments are mostly preferred by teachers these days and creating one with OMR software becomes really easy. Teachers can create quizzes or any other type of MCQ or objective pattern test and easily assign them to the students.

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Feedback forms– Teaching and learning is an everyday matter in schools and to make it happen in much efficient manner it is important to gather feedback. To improve the existing techniques and to know what is better, feedback forms help in gaining insights and improving the ongoing methods for a better change. Teachers gain a lot of help from the feedback forms.

Olympiads– The first ever competitive exam of a student’s life is the Olympiad that is conducted on a large level and grades the intelligence of a student on a particular subject. By using one of the best OMR software that has got complete features, the process of conducting Olympiads can become a flawless process.

Application and admission forms– Schools receive a large amount of admission applications every year and to process them manually is definitely a horrendous task. Creating OMR based applications makes it easy for the administration to sort out the applications and extract relevant data out of them with complete accuracy.

Checklists– Checklists are not just important for schools but for every business place. Keeping an inventory checklist is always important and with OMR it becomes easier to evaluate the changes or to point out the additions or subtractions from the list. Other than that checklist also helps in keeping the tasks organized throughout the day and keeping a check on any ongoing project.

Attendance– It is a mandatory everyday task which is no doubt usually done manually by teachers. Attendance is not just a casual thing and many academic decisions depend on it. When checking a student’s yearly attendance to mention in a report card or for awarding him, it is more feasible to mark attendance on an OMR pattern which can easily be evaluated with OMR software. Accumulating the data using technology is much better than doing it manually and receiving errors.

What makes OMR software feasible for schools?


OMR software solution is by far the best data collecting technology available in the market for processing closed-ended responses. Some of the best OMR software available in the market claims as much as 100% accuracy in scanning and reading of OMR sheets.


A large volume of sheets can be processed through OMR software and the data can be accumulated in a span of mere few minutes. On an average, OMR software can read up to 300 sheets in a minute with complete accuracy.


OMR software comes with free inbuilt tools and templates that let you design any type of OMR sheets using customizable options. It can be easily integrated with any type of system and can be paired with any normal scanner and printer for optimum results. OMR solutions come as complete resource for OMR and can design, print, scan, read and evaluate OMR sheets using multiple inbuilt features.

Cost effective

To process bulk sheets and evaluate large number of data, using manual methods is not just whopping expensive but also lacks accuracy and eats up a lot of time. OMR software is one resource to solve all of these issues that too at cost effective rates. It cuts down the manual method expenses by half and makes the process much more user-friendly and easy.

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Schools are large educational bodies with a lot of stress to carry out tasks that too with perfection and on time. In such cases the application of technology is a must and so integrating the benefits of OMR software is useful for both the teachers as well as administrators of the schools. By choosing one of the best OMR software for schools the difference can be visibly noticed and the changes can make the overall task quality superior and accurate.